A growing number of print service providers are seeking to increase revenues and profits by adding web-to-print services and applications.  Some companies have used web-to-print solutions to drive impressive revenue and profit growth, but many others haven't been quite as successful.

The most important reason for this disparity is that many companies have attempted to sell web-to-print solutions using the same marketing and sales techniques they've used for years to sell traditional job-based printing services.  And to put it bluntly, that approach simply won't work - at least not very well.

Web-to-print solutions differ in significant ways from traditional job-based printing services, and these differences demand a different approach to marketing and sales.  But in addition, the whole business-to-business marketing and sales landscape is changing, and tactics that were effective only a few years ago don't work nearly as well today.  To successfully sell web-to-print solutions, companies need a new approach to business development - one that reflects both the unique attributes of web-to-print solutions and the new realities of B2B marketing and sales.

I've just published a white paper that describes the "secret sauce" for growing sales of web-to-print solutions.  This paper discusses the important differences between traditional job-based printing and web-to-print solutions and the major changes that are underway in the B2B marketing and sales environment.  Then the paper describes the three core components of an effective web-to-print business development program.

If you'd like a complimentary copy of this white paper, e-mail me directly at ddodd(at)pointbalance(dot)com.  Please note that our fulfillment system is not configured to work with webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.  Sorry for any inconvenience.