Apparently we're about to go into our rebellious teens. We just turned 10, but we're going on 20. We don't know it all yet, but we're close. ;-)

WhatTheyThink started 10 years ago this year and we've been reflecting on it and sharing this fact with people in the industry. Most doubted it could be that long, but you know what they say about "overnight successes". They take years!

Our original goal to aggregate news, do cutting edge reporting, and offer "real-time intelligence" to the printing industry is still something we work at daily. We're really proud to have accomplished many of our original goals with the site and continue to be excited about doing new and different things. We credit our success to hard work, the best writers and thinkers in the industry, and a passion for consistent daily delivery of industry news and information.

We also couldn't have made it this far without some great support from both members and advertisers. The majority of our growth we contribute to word of mouth from our fans. We can't thank all of you enough for that. Thanks!

We recently told some of our members that we were celebrating 10 years this year and got their reaction:

Thanks again everyone and onward to 20!