"Some of us get caught up in this and some of us skate through it. I do know that a lot of printers are on the edge. They’re hanging on with their fingernails and running out of cash." If you haven't already read Gail Nickel-Kailing's PrintCEO interview with Jim Duffy, leave this page immediately and go to the story now. Duffy was the owner of Alonzo Printing for the last 22 of its 33 years in business, and during his tenure, the Hayward, CA, company did everything a small printing firm could do to grow, improve, and prosper. But, staggered by a succession of economic body blows that began in November 2008, Alonzo Printing was forced to close its doors in January of this year. Mr. Duffy tells his story not in bitterness, but in the hope of helping other printers avoid entanglement in the profit-killing circumstances that brought Alonzo Printing down. He is to be saluted for the candor and the generosity of his post-mortem, which must truly have been painful for him to share. The many comments on the post indicate that the industry's sympathies are with him in the aftermath of the sad but instructive fall of what was in most ways a model printing company.