The Postal Service, facing what they called "unprecedented volume declines" and a projected $238 billion shortfall over the next decade announced an aggressive plan of cost cutting yesterday.

Among the items in the cost cutting plan was a bullet point to "adjust delivery days to better reflect volumes and customer habits". Many took this to mean the USPS was heading toward finally stopping Saturday delivery.

The only question is what in the world took them so long? I haven't anticipated Saturday mail in some time. I actually usually forget it until I get the Monday mail. Given the running joke of how much the postal service loses annually I never understood why this move wasn't made years ago. I might even argue that I only really need to get mail 2-3 times a week really. The other pressing items can be sent to me via Fedex, UPS, or USPS Express Mail. Saturday delivery for business still needs to happen, but this can be accomplished with less resources than full delivery to every household.

This will obviously affect marketers and printers trying to gain business from marketers who want to get their mail into the hands of the consumer over the weekend. I notice a great deal of my mail is the dreaded "junk mail" ( mail pieces) that people complain about. Timing such pieces to arrive on Friday shouldn't be that much of a challenge if they do stop Saturday delivery.

What affect do you think it will have on direct mail marketing and printing to not have Saturday delivery by the USPS?

Update: Gail has a great post up on this as well