The U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Postal Service have taken to YouTube with a series called “Delivering Success”: video interviews with successful entrepreneurs who share the lessons they’ve learned about owning a small business. The series, recapped in the clip shown in this post, is presented as individual clips on YouTube. It also can be accessed in full here. At this location, the videos are accompanied by links to SBA resources for the topic covered in each segment. SBA says that the entire series can be viewed in about an hour. The segments include: • Entrepreneurial Spirit—learn what it takes to turn a passion into a business. • Getting Started—how to overcome obstacles when starting a business. • Financing—how SBA-backed financing helped entrepreneurs start their businesses. • Planning and Research—critical components of success explained by owners. • Marketing 101—marketing techniques to build a customer base. • Hiring and Developing Employees—owners discuss what worked for them. • Promoting and Growing Your Business—innovative techniques to increase business. • Business Reality Check—being prepared to change course as discussed by small business owners who had to do it. “Delivering Success” is part of SBA’s plan to promote its programs and services to entrepreneurs—particularly younger ones—using online media. The agency says that future content will cover taking advantage of Recovery Act loan programs; finding government contracting opportunities; and exporting to increase market share.