The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday a of a survey of economists say the recession is now over:

After months of uncertainty, economists are finally seeing a break in the clouds. Forecasts were revised upward for every period, with 27 economists saying the recession had ended and 11 seeing a trough this month or next. Gross domestic product in the third quarter is now expected to show 2.4% growth at a seasonally adjusted annual rate amid signs of life in the manufacturing sector, partly spurred by inventory adjustments and strong demand for the "cash for clunkers" car-rebate program.

Dr. Joe Webb, WhatTheyThink's Director of Economics and Research recently wrote a blog post about this: This Bottom is Bumpy which was published before yesterday's report provides a frame of reference for this outlook and provides industry perspective.

Anecdotally I have received a few reports from printers that business is starting to pick up. What are you experiencing? Leave a comment below, or get in touch via email.