Think there’s no future in ink on paper? How about lasers on meat? You have no idea—until you’ve seen Meat Cards. meatcard That’s right—what you’re looking at is an actual business card with a slab of edible beef jerky for its substrate. A 150-watt laser table burns the image, designed in CorelDraw, into the surface of the jerky. No printing, no engraving, no thermography, no cutting—just lasers, meat, and a card that doubles as a bar snack. Behind this cholesterol-on-demand concept are a group of creative types who tell the whole meaty tale at their web site. They report that holes in the meat stock have been a problem, and they’re still trying to figure out the packaging. You can see photos of their jerk-in-progress at Flickr and get word of availability and pricing by following @meatcards at Twitter. Yes, it’s a business venture. Will they think of licensing it as a specialty product for printers who print business cards the meatless way? Will VistaPrint get the scent? And what’s next: ink-jetted pork rinds? (P.S. Thanks to Kevin Keane of IAPHC for giving us a whiff of Meat Cards.)