ph2009012802515Kodak’s Antonio Perez and Xerox’s Anne Mulcahy were among a delegation of 13 tech industry CEOs who visited the White House Wednesday to discuss President Obama’s economic rescue plan. It was the first corporate sit down by the new President.

Those who attended lent support to President Obama's $819 billion stimulus package and most stand to benefit from it in some way. Both Xerox and Kodak have been affected by the economic downturn.

Obama's comment after the meeting:

"The businesses that are shedding jobs to stay afloat, they cannot afford inaction or delay," Obama said. "The workers who are returning home to tell their husbands and wives and children that they no longer have a job, and all those who live in fear that theirs will be the next job cut -- they need help now. They are looking to Washington for action, bold and swift."

Obama also announced a new website which will document how the stimulus and recovery money will be spent should the measure pass both houses of Congress.

Print continues to be a vital aspect of American commerce and the economy. The only question is what the industry will look like on the other side of the downturn. Industry companies and their leaders are creating that future now.