Ran across this recently and found it pretty interesting:


The stated intent is to turn around the newspaper industry:

The Printed Blog is changing the way people read and consume news and other information. We hope to play a vital part in reversing the fortunes of the newspaper industry with this new media project... but we need your help.

Wired had a piece that talks a bit more about the business. It looks like they will be starting in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York and branch out from there.

The production model looks interesting as well:

The printing is done on commercial printers located near each distribution point. Each 11x17-inch paper will be three pages, six sides in full color. And the ultimate goal is to automate the production process as far as aggregating the stories into the separate editions, with the ability for readers to vote on which blogs appear in the next issue.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on this and easy to do seeing how they are embracing SM tools. Following them on Twitter now.

What do you think?