A team of student researchers from the Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies at Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, KS) is seeking responses to its online survey about color preferences in transpromotional (TransPromo) documents.

The students, under the direction of Prof. Jesus J. Rodriguez, have received a grant supporting their research from the Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation (EDSF). Their goal is to identify an effective color gamut for transpromotional documents based on the measured appeal of a series of templates that respondents are asked to evaluate. The survey also asks respondents to agree or disagree with statements about the perceived effects of color in transpromotional documents.

The students have been invited to deliver their findings at a general session of the 2008 TransPromo Summit, to be presented by InfoTrends in New York City, August 13-14. The full report will be published by EDSF later this year.

The grant to Pittsburg State is one of several made by EDSF to colleges and universities in 2008. EDSF’s worldwide research grant and mentor program involves students in important, leading-edge research by funding their investigations under the direction of a supervising professor and a professional mentor who is a member of EDSF. To qualify for a grant, students must submit a detailed proposal that is reviewed by a research selection committee. During the research phase, students and their supervising professor confer regularly with an EDSF-appointed mentor to ensure that timelines and other project criteria are being met.

Anyone with experience as a recipient or a producer of transpromotional documents is asked to take part in the survey being conducted by the research team at Pittsburg State. Questions can be e-mailed to the writer of this post, who is mentoring the project for EDSF.