The Marriott in San DiegoNoel already scooped me on DSCOOP, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts on my recent trip out to San Diego for the annual conference event as well and also give our readers some insight with photos and video we took while there.

It was nice to make the long 3.5 hour flight out and escape the snowstorms of central Ohio. Turned out it was overcast most of the time and rained a bit, but the temperature was way better than Columbus! While there we observed some great workshops, a well attended trade show type atmosphere in the "Solutions Showcase", a unique "Capture Knowledge Center and HP Open House" with an open sidewalk vendor type feel, and a killer "Vintage Beach Bash" with a member of the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean.

I have to say right off that this was one of the best and well organized events I've attended. It was a great mixture of educational content and social interaction. Everyone involved is to be commended. You can see more at the DSCOOP blog in addition to reading the rest of the post for video and photos. to OnDemand!

DSCOOP's Eric Hawkinson talks about the organization at their annual conference:

HP's Matt Bruns talks about their Capture Program at DSCOOP Annual Conference:

A view from the Capture Knowledge Center and HP Open House. It was set up in a unique way with several different areas all themed (winery, cafe, sports bar, cookout):



Sponsor Board outside of the Solutions Showcase:


Solutions Showcase:



Noel Ward preps Francis McMahon of HP for a video interview:


Standing room only at the Beach Bash!


Getting ready with a little Guitar Hero action:



Rocking with Jan and the Beach Boy!