A new study from Doremus, a business communications firm, and The Financial Times found that C-level executives prefer print over online when looking for trusted information and analysis in the financial, consulting and technology categories.

BtoB Magazine has published the numbers from the study:

59% of executives said they trust print over online sources of information, and 64% said they pay more attention to print ads than online ads.

The study also found that 60% of executives turn to print when they want in-depth analysis.

When asked to respond to the statement, “Print media are becoming obsolete,” 73% of senior executives disagreed.

Only 29% of executives agreed with the statement “The Internet meets all my information needs.”

The study included 600 senior level executives from North America, Europe and Asia. 91% of the executives were male and 75% were at least 45.

This is good news for the B2B magazine publishers, but I wonder if the results are skewed by the age of those surveyed? What would the numbers look like if they asked executives that were in there 30s? 20s?