Recently, Frank Romano rubbed some folks the wrong way over comments he made about a meeting he attended at Graph Expo. Frank is no stranger to controversy and consternation. It follows him around like the dustcloud around Schulz's Pigpen.

Today Frank responds to his critics by making the statement: "We Are the Press"

Freedom of the press is for all of us, because all of us now own the press.

I am the PRESS.

You are the PRESS.

We are the PRESS.

I thought I'd create an open thread this Friday and ask our readers what they think. Are we? Are you?

Update: It was brought to my attention that the Frank article is a premium feature and not everyone can get to it. I've made the link accessible to all in order to widen the net on discussion so to speak. Premium Access at WTT is free for 15 days for those who have not tried it or don't have accounts. We'd love for you to try it out! - Eric