Bleed. Gutter. Knockout. Gang. They’re design terms that everybody knows—but what if they were presented as subtle visual puns in an interactive test of your ability to match concepts with images? Colle+McVoy, a marcomm agency in Minneapolis, throws down just such a challenge in “Design: Not For The Faint Of Heart,” a cleverly constructed Flash exercise it developed in connection with an assignment for the American Institute of Graphic Arts. In the project, the agency team noticed that many design terms tend to crop up with “dark” meanings in contexts other than design. This inspired them to create an Edward-Goreyesque depiction of a murder scene replete with clues, a corpse, and a cast of sinister characters. Your task is to mouse over the “picture riddle” and click on the highlighted elements to reveal the corresponding definitions. If you can find all 25 design terms before the time runs out, you’ll win a poster of the scene. Some of the clues are easy; others are less obvious. Good luck, and a tip of our private eye’s slouch-brimmed hat to Colle+McVoy for crafting a great resource for classroom and training use.