Don Carli, the sustainability advocate and the subject of a recent post at, continues to draw attention to his message about environmental responsibility for industries that produce or use print. On June 14 in New York City, he led a panel discussion sponsored by his organization, the Institute for Sustainable Communications, for a new coalition called the Sustainable Advertising Partnership. At that event, an audience of more than 100 printers, publishers, suppliers, and ad agency executives heard him explain why sustainability has become a necessary and potentially rewarding business strategy for print-dependent media. Carli was next heard from in a June 22 interview for National Public Radio's Morning Edition, in which he fielded questions from NPR's Renee Montagne. The audio clip of that conversation is available here. (Note to Mac users: you may need to download the latest version of RealPlayer to listen to the file; a link is provided at the NPR site.)

In the interview, Carli says that sustainability – the corporate commitment to recycling, control of greenhouse gas emissions, reduced energy use, and similar practices – has advanced from being a fringe idea on "the margins of marketing" to a stage where it is now recognized as "the central focus of marketing communications and advertising." Sustainability is good for business, but Carli has a warning for those who would greenwash unacceptable behavior with insincere displays of environmental activism. Savvy consumers, he says, won't be fooled: "We live in a world that is one mouse-click away from exposure.""