DesjardinsYou may have noticed this at WTT earlier in the week:

Transcontinental CEO addresses the Web Offset Association

I wanted to point you to the full text of the speech as well, and point specifically to this part:

a new technology does not make the previous ones disappear: radio did not eliminate newspapers, television did not eliminate radio and the Internet won't eliminate all the rest.

It seems to me there is some truth to that, but elimination is not the real challenge. Dealing with a shrinking market would be. This is where new innovations in VDP, especially things like TransPromo seem to hold a great deal of promise in diversifying the output and sustaining the printing industy as some printed content - like newspapers - invariably moves online.

Desjardins also makes some great points about new concerns about the environment and challenges of globalization. Love to know what readers might think about his speech - any of the topics covered!