As promised in a comment on this post, here is an interview with Jeff Hayzlett of Eastman Kodak today on WhatTheyThink:

Hayzlett Clarifies Kodak's Print eCommerce Network Strategy

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A quick excerpt:

WTT: In a recent Print CEO post, a number of questions were asked about how the billing works, who sets the pricing and whether this type of initiative is likely to draw antitrust attention from the government? Can you address some of those questions?
JH: In essence, Kodak negotiates a fair and equitable wholesale pricing agreement with the participants and makes some level of guarantees relative to the anticipated volume and the types of products that they will have the opportunity to produce. The buyers pay with a credit card, and the appropriate revenues are redirected to the participating printer. There are many digital commerce networks of various types managed via the Internet that do a similar thing.