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OK… I get it, but where do I start?

David Zwang continues his discussion about cross-media communications and production, this time with a discussion of how you should begin your new voyage into Cross-Media Production.


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About David Zwang

David Zwang travels around the globe helping companies increase their productivity, margins and market reach. He specializes in production optimization, strategic business planning, market analysis, and related services to companies in the vertical media communications market. Clients have included printers, manufacturers, retailers, publishers, premedia and US Government agencies. He can be reached at [email protected].


By Thaddeus B Kubis on Dec 06, 2010

Great series of articles, but I feel that the print vendor needs to offer a positional change to the public and their customers. All the production and marketing offerings are great but none will help more then a print vendor becoming part of the chain of communication. Print vendors need to understand the front end of their business and that does not mean pre press, it means to understand the needs, concerns, desires and wants of the client they serve and those that they plan to serve. They need to offer an internal and external company wide attitudinal and institutional change that will bring their business into the chain of communication as a valid and needed partner, not as the end of a process but a key and valued partner of the entire process.



By David L. Zwang on Dec 06, 2010


I agree, but not as easy as it may seem for many, and not even on the radar for others. There is no doubt that many printers will need to understand and adapt to the new realities of publishing and communications, and their role in that new reality. However, as was the case when we moved from film to digital, there are going to be leaders and there are going to be followers...



By Thaddeus B Kubis on Dec 08, 2010


Perhaps a radar screen is not the needed piece of equipment, since radar sees only what is within range. Print vendors need to look beyond what is on the horizon. For this a greater and more seeing system is needed, perhaps yet to be developed or designed. I have some specifics that would start an interesting discussion, but that is for another day.



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