By Noel Ward, Executive Editor September 29, 2003 -- GraphExpo is a major time sink (some would say a black hole) for editors, writers, and analysts who attend. Our schedules at trade shows invariably seem to disappear into a temporal distortion that would tax the skills of any Star Trek captain (or screenwriter), so please forgive our thinner coverage this week, as we have all been in “show mode” for the past week - will be all this week. But I can say this: there's a lot to tell and our sister site, goes into plenty of detail, and we'll wade in even deeper here at ODJ in the weeks ahead. Be sure to see the exclusive coverage that ran on Monday about the new products Xerox is rolling out here at the show, and be sure to get more details from the product announcements posted on the site. To get the daily Real Time Show Coverage go over to Still, we do have the pleasure this week to introduce a new guest columnist, Keith Nickoloff of PathForward, a consulting company that helps companies move their business ahead with sound document strategies. Keith or one of his team at PathForward will be appearing monthly here at On Demand Journal. And while you are here, take a look at the column from John Giles to get you started thinking on how to make the most of your web site. With the show going on, you should also check out two new white papers we have up this week. Curiously, there seems to be a theme going here about open roads. Go figure. Be sure to download and read The Road to the Open Workflow , a hot-off-the-monitor paper from Xerox that gets into The Document Company's strategy on FreeFlow, its evolving and growing collection of workflow tools and what it means for your business. EFI has provided us with an equally new paper, On the Open Road to CIM with JDF, which is a good look at their strategy in that growing new standard. That's a wrap.