CAP Ventures: Heidelberg's Commitment to Digital Printing September 25, 2003 -- Some players in the industry have been making the case that Heidelberg should exit the digital printing market. They argue that the company's recent financial results will force Heidelberg to focus on the legacy business that remains profitable (sheetfed), and that Heidelberg should (or will) abandon the digital market. This recent wave of conjecture has created “FUD” (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) in the market as it relates to Heidelberg and the products it manufactures. CAP Ventures believes that exiting the digital market would be detrimental to the value of Heidelberg as a company. Heidelberg without a digital portfolio is of less worth than Heidelberg with a digital portfolio. We also believe that Heidelberg's exit from the digital business would harm the company's customers as well as the industry as a whole. This analysis will provide CAP Ventures' perspective on the value that digital printing has to Heidelberg. We believe Heidelberg will remain in the digital printing business, and the company's commitment to this market is substantiated by facts. nexpress xerox kodak polychrome graphics kpg cap ventures