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Catching The Cloud: The Future of Printing and Publishing

Working from “The Cloud” is changing the way we use software applications. HP and Google are leading the charge, and it promises major changes in the print and publishing industry. Andy Tribute examines the trend and discusses how the industry can get ahead of it.


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By Sini Ross on Sep 21, 2010

Printers, if you would like to see how this will change printing, check out HP's MagCloud.com

This business model allows Magazine Publishers to host their WebMag Online and if the customer wants a hard copy of the magazine, they can order it through this portal. So the question is how can the print market monetize this?


By Joe Webb on Sep 21, 2010

Andy's on target (yet again!) -- years ago Sun's Scott McNealy would run around saying "the network is the computer" but he was talking about networks in organizations with hosted applications. Now we move it up a level and the servers on the Internet become the computer, and all our connecting devices need to do is supply the speed and reliability of our connections. All we have is an operating system and a full-featured browser. The simplicity will be incredible. The infrastructure supporting it will be huge and very dispersed. Stunning. But we can't forget that at the same time this is all happening, display technology is changing in leaps as well. For some reason we keep forgetting that part, and the Kindle and iPad are just hints of what is come. (And in this case. Andy's way ahead of me, because I have neither! Just don't tell anybody)


By John Henze on Sep 23, 2010

Nice article Andrew, and we at EFI agree that cloud printing is the way forward. While not a well-known fact, EFI PrintMe was the first cloud-based printing platform (as confirmed by Charles LeCompte, Lyra Research, August 2010) when it was launched in 2001. With EFI PrintMe, users don’t need to connect cables, download software or install hardware components. They simply go to www.PrintMe.com through any Internet-enabled device, upload a document and print from any PrintMe enabled printer.



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