By Noel Ward, Executive Editor January 9, 2006 -- Perusing this week's columns from Barb Pellow, Presstek, Bob Raus, and Frank Romano we get a glimpse into some of the things we can be looking forward to and should be thinking about as 2006 rolls out with all of us along for the ride. Our industry continues to change, evolve, and as I noted before the holidays, I believe we are on the cusp of some significant changes. We'll be reporting, editorializing, commenting, criticizing, educating, and more here at ODJ. Here's a brief look at what's in store. One of our key --and most frequent-- contributors this year will be Barb Pellow, who has had a monthly presence since 2004. We're thrilled to be having Barb's perspective, strong examples, and clear thinking coming up on most Wednesdays in 2006. She starts off this week with an excellent piece on marketing, which she says is "the missing ingredient" at far too many print providers. She believes, as do I, that the print providers that survive--and thrive--are the ones who not only exceed the needs of their customers but also actively market their products and services. Virtually all our regular contributors will still be on hand, so you can look forward to more of their unique perspectives on sales and marketing, managing technology, education, direct mail, variable data, public relations, industry trends, products and more. We'll be adding some new voices as well, broadening the topics and areas we cover. We'll continue to provide feedback from you in the form of our Letters column, and when you feel the urge you can even add your own column to ODJ in our "Sitting In" section. Just let us know what's on your mind and you have a soapbox here at ODJ. By sharing your thoughts and ideas in Letters or through Sitting In, we all benefit, so please don't hesitate to let us know what's important to you. But one of our biggest changes at ODJ is our new webinar series. We'll be providing practical and tactical webinars on a wide range of such topics as variable data printing, cross-media campaigns, wide format printing, direct mail and more. Watch for a schedule in the next few weeks. We are continuing with a daily schedule this year, with one feature story or column and news every weekday. We will be sending a summary newsletter once or twice a week, but I encourage you to sign up for the daily edition. It's still free and is the best way to be sure you see all your favorite columnists, see the latest news in digital printing, and get the most out of all the content we have on ODJ. So join us as we experience 2006. Let's go have some fun.