Here’s something you don’t see every day. At the Protect-All booth, you can stop by and see BioLam, a thermal laminating material that is antimicrobial.

BioLam is enhanced with a patented antimicrobial compound that inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria and other microbes. Although marketed largely to the packaging and library markets (after all, how many hands touched that library book before you did?), this is the kind of product that creative printers can run with. It’s highly unusual, and it certainly will get your customers talking.

Steve Nimz, President of Protect-All Print Media, and
Lisa Trajkovich, Vice President and COO

How does it work? BioLam incorporates the natural protection of silver, utilizing AgION’s antimicrobial technology. The surface protection remains on the film structure and, according to Protect-All, does not wash off. In fact, the company claims that the laminated item will likely wear out or become outdated before the antimicrobial properties lose effectiveness. (Of course, how would you know, even if it did?)

Want to test it for yourself? Protect-All is giving away samples of the material that fit into the base of your telephone so that it decontaminates your receiver of nasty microbes every time you put down your phone. Just in time for flu season.