The Real Product Lifecycle Sorry, but Barb Pellow's product life cycle in last week's is wrong. It's really: Introduction Disillusionment Re-introduction Despair Witch hunt Putting resumes up on See you @ Print05 ! Regards, Dr Joe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Trade Shows I concur fully with Pete Rivard's thoughts regarding trade shows. Being a veteran of some half dozen Drupas and a goodly number (I think I've lost count) of U.S. affairs, I would only add that veterans shouldn't sit either--at least not in sight of those strolling the aisles. As you know, for years many Drupa exhibitors constructed second decks where breaks could be taken and potential customers refreshed. The idea has only recently caught on here. Your idea of paying attention to the students is beautiful. After all who knows what job that tousled haired, bespectacled lad or lass will have 10-15-20 years hence. Hank Hatch IPA