More commentary on Wesner on leadership I forwarded your 2-part leadership article to one of my former (and very unhappy) sales reps back at my previous employer. Unfortunately, that fish head is rotten and I just wanted to reassure that poor sales rep that he is OK. I also forwarded it to my new boss who should feel pretty good about himself after reading it. He values his team and really listens to them. Good stuff. Keep it up. Name withheld by request -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear ODJ: Recognizing a Printing Pro God bless Mike Chiricuzio for his last article. That final sentence, “Last wash up, Pop.” somehow made my computer display blur all up and it didn’t work right again until I had had taken a turn or two around the room and blown my nose. I'll raise a glass tonight in Frank’s memory. I never knew the guy. But I know the type. I had the privilege today to be one of two judges in the Printing Industry of Minnesota’s 2005 Excellence in Print Competition. Some of the work I saw today not only made me glad to be alive, it made me proud to be part of the Graphic Communications industry. Frank Chiricuzio is part of that unbroken chain of craftsmen going straight back to Gutenberg, and even before, and extending on beyond where any of us can see. I salute him for his time and energy devoted to the cause. I offer my condolences to Mike and his family. Your dad was an unqualified success, Mike. He gave us you. Pete Rivard Principal Instructor-Digital Imaging Dunwoody College of Technology Minneapolis, Minn. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike, Sorry to hear of your Dad's passing . The article would have made him proud. I read every last word--and will print it for my eight-year-old son to read. Best article I have read from the journal! Greg Goldman GMG Consulting Group Burlingame, California -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike, A very moving article. I can relate to a lot of what you said. I'm the son of a Polish immigrant--a welder. As I get older, my dad and I are becoming closer. He keeps me from getting discouraged as I chase the marketplace trying to create a need for one-to-one marketing solutions. Some days, I wish I could just light a torch and lay down a bead of hot metal. Mike Wesner Vice President Daniels Marketing Support Services Cary, NC