March 21, 2005 -- We are a profession of pissers and moaners. We complain about slow sales and pushy customers. Production is constantly “screwing up our orders” and management is “constantly on my back.” Perhaps the number one negative comment is, “I am buried and don’t have time for it all” during those busy stretches. If only we had more time in the day. Well, WTT readers, for being our 1000 th customer today, I am pleased to inform you that I have found a way to increase your selling week by up to 16 hours without dipping into the weekend’s activities. No, no, don’t thank me. It’s what I do. Here’s how it works: First answer these two questions: What is the worst day of the week to prospect? Next, What is the second worst day? (Interchangeable answers: Friday and Monday). Did you guess correctly? Those two answers come up every time I give a seminar on the subject of prospecting and they are truly believed by the respondent. When I push for explanation I hear, “On Fridays, people are thinking ‘weekend’ and really don’t want to be bothered. On Mondays, they are just getting back from their weekends and really don’t want to be bothered.” Okey dokey. Would those of you who agree, please slam a door on your fingers as a punishment (you could also watch the Nickelodeon Network for 30 minutes, but that is TOO cruel). - - - Bill's Bio (most of which is true) Bill's Website Bill's Super Sales Tips Bill's Book Reviews Ask Bill A Question Hear Bill in Person Buying in to this rubbish costs you up to 16 hours of selling time every week. These and other “Killer Assumptions” rob us all of productive time. Think about this fun fact: Ask a prospect or customer what day of the week the phone is the quietest and he/she will almost always answer, “Friday.” Hmmmm. So, if the phone is quiet on Friday because every other nitwit sales person is making the same killer assumption as you, I’d wager that you have a pretty good chance of securing a conversation, which is nice. So, there you have it: up to 16 hours of additional selling time PER WEEK just for being a faithful WTT reader and not buying into the common beliefs that almost every rep shares. You’re welcome. Bill Farquharson Print Tec Network Next week: Internal Objections