By Gail Nickel-Kailing October 14, 2004 -- In a room filled with suits, Xerox guys and gals looked on as Frank Steenburgh was presented the RIT Cary Award on October 10, 2004 – the opening day of Graph Expo 2004. The Cary Award is presented to notable individuals who have distinguished themselves in the development or application of digital media in graphic communications. Frank Romano acted as moderator and introduced a number of speakers who gave the audience insight into the “real” Frank Steenburgh. In the audience were Frank’s wife of 39 years, Fran, and his mother, Dora. Frank Steenburgh joined Xerox – the second time – in 1973 and has held numerous sales and marketing positions in the company. Most recently, he was senior vice president and general manager for the production color business. Prior to that he was senior vice president in charge of the company’s worldwide graphic arts industry business and senior vice president and general manager for Xerox’ e-service business. He was appointed a corporate officer in May 1998. Bill Steenburgh, Frank’s “baby” brother, gave a long list of reasons to be happy to be Frank’s brother, and those included: Fran – who responded with complete composure when guests arrived unannounced for dinner or even an overnight stay, as Frank has a habit of inviting people to dinner or to stay at their house without talking to her first. Food and shelter for not only his family but also thousands of others – Frank has created an entire industry where 18,000 people (including Bill) report through Xerox Services. A reminder that the only “I” in Frank is iGen3. Barb Pellow’s word associations provided a slightly different view of Frank: the office perspective. Here are a few: Hardworking – when Frank schedules a meeting at 6 – it is important to ask if that is AM or PM? Customer focus – Frank never met a customer he didn’t like, especially when that customer bought a DocuTech or DocuColor. Golf – Frank’s golf game included the knowledge that a hit to the right is a slice, a hit to the left is a hook, but a hit straight down the middle is a miracle! At the podium, Frank took the opportunity to speak about his take on the “net” in life: family, friends, and integrity, both personal and professional. Growing up in a family of 7 children - 6 boys and a girl - Frank got his work ethic from his mother, Dora, who is now 88. Dora raised the “Steenburgh team,” all of whom were awarded Eagle Scout status, and three of whom – Bill, Carl and Frank –work for Xerox. Frank was the marketing maven behind the launch of the DocuTech in 1990, and headed up the launch of the DocuColor iGen 3. More than 20,000 DocuTechs have generated over $20 Billion in sales, and digital book publishing alone is a $500 million a year business. The iGen3 is expected to do even more over time. “If I were to start a new business today it would be in digital color,” said Frank. “There’s tremendous opportunity in driving the content value chain – worth nearly $1 trillion – with more digital processes.” And in a statement that signified clearly Frank’s true character, he closed with: “Fran, I love you. Thanks for all the support over all the years; you make life meaningful!”