Conducted by Molly Joss October 28, 2002 -- Gunther International is one of the companies that will be exhibiting at XPLOR 2002. The company offers a variety of document mailing, folding and finishing systems based on a modular concept which allows the company to custom-design solutions for its customers. We asked Gary Schaefer, the company’s Marketing Director, to tell us about Gunther and then to talk with us about the company and about the company’s participation in XPLOR. WTT: Gary, tell us about Gunther International. Schaefer: Gunther International, LTD, designs, manufactures, and sells intelligent high-speed mailing systems for both flat and folded documents. These systems automatically assemble, fold, staple, and/or bind printed documents. The systems then insert the correct documents into appropriate envelopes according to bar-coded instructions contained on the document. Gunther systems are unique in that they provide 100% accuracy via patent-protected processing and reading technology. Gunther is recognized as the industry leader for its innovative technologies, for building systems to the customers needs and for standing by its 100% processing integrity. WTT: Your big news is the new Series W. Tell us about the tour that your company recently launched to show the product. Schaefer: Gunther launched its revolutionary new system, the Series W, with a six-city tour over the course of ten days in June. Staff members loaded the Series W into a box truck and hauled it through 22 states stopping in Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Mystic, CT, demonstrating the system’s capabilities to audiences in each city. They led the audience through the processing of three very different applications over a 2-hour period, with the system being set up and broken down the same day in each city. This clearly demonstrated the new Series W's flexibility, versatility and productivity. Everyone attending the demonstrations walked away wowed, not only by the Series W’s capabilities, but also the fact that we could set up and break down the system each day. WTT: With the tough economic year behind us and an uncertain one in front of us, what are your customers telling you about how the economy has affected the need for your products and services? Schaefer: Well, the uncertainty in the economy is on everyone’s mind, but, at the same time, many companies are looking at mail processing automation as a way to operate their mail centers more efficiently, driving down costs and rework, while increasing productivity and accuracy. We have a long history of working with customers to solve these types of problems. WTT: Speaking of working with customers, how do you prove an attractive ROI with Gunther’s products? Schaefer: Gunther has always been focused on its customers in its sales approach. We take the time to really get to know the customer’s needs before we tailor a system design to meet those needs. One way we have aided them is helping them establish a ROI justification based on their unique operation. We have seen paybacks range from 6 to 18 months, so the bottom line is very attractive. WTT: We mentioned the Series W. Give us the details and information on other products you will show at this year’s Xplor. Schaefer: Our major announcement will be the introduction of Series W to the Xplor community. The Series W is Gunther’s latest high-speed folded mail system. It is fully adjustable, readily accommodating an extensive range of folded applications, inserting documents from 6.5 to 11 inches in width and up to 14 inches in length into envelope sizes ranging from monarch to bankers. Moreover, it does it quickly and reliably, processing up to 12,000 completed envelopes an hour while ensuring 100% processing accuracy. The Series W also allows insert feeders to be interchangeable at the operator level. This allows the most appropriate feeder (friction or vacuum feeder) to be utilized for each job. A feeder that is operating poorly can be replaced with another and repaired off-line, taking advantage of the feeder’s self-contained advanced electronics and software. In addition, a tilt feature allows greater access to the conveyor area for maintenance, repair or simply to clear the conveyor. Gunther's inkjet division will be the sole provider of the invisible ink jet printing technology being demonstrated at Xplor, reinforcing its pre-eminence within the industry. The invisible ink printing technology can also be seen at the Videk, Xerox, and Oce booths. WTT: Gunther will have three presentations during Xplor. Tell us about each one. Schaefer: The first is a case study of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, presented by Craig Steffen of Incepture, on how they achieved document integrity in their mailroom. (Monday at 3:30 in room 304AB). The Gunther system is the linchpin of the BCBS- Florida, operation in achieving processing integrity. Document integrity has become a very important issue across the industry. The document is often a company’s only interaction with its customers. If a document is not correct or ends up in the wrong hands, a customer is lost, litigation is also a possibility. With the new HIPAA regulations, fines are now part of the equation. Gunther has created an industry standard to ensure 100% mail processing accuracy that speaks to these needs. Our second presentation will be on efficiency in the mailroom (Tuesday, 3:30, Room 208AB). Three mail processing industry leaders and two Automated Document Factory (ADF) experts will look at proven methods of improving mailroom efficiency. They’ll cover a broad range of topics including mailroom layout, automation, scheduling, reporting, connectivity, equipment, and employee motivation. Gunther’s tracking and reporting capability and its universal ease of connectivity will be highlighted. Case studies and concrete examples will demonstrate the importance of efficiency in increasing output, and customer satisfaction. The third presentation is Unveiling Invisible Ink Printing and Reading Solutions (Tuesday 2:00, Room 208AB). This presentation will provide an overview of the invisible ink product and its impact on the marketplace, including such areas as aesthetics, forms design, efficiency, security, and receptivity. WTT: Finally, tell us about your press conference and how visitors can view your Series W in action. Schaefer: We will be holding a press conference on Tuesday morning at 9:45 (on the floor (Booth 1001) to introduce the Series W. We will also be conducting daily demonstrations (at 10:00 am, 1:00 and 3:00 PM) of our Series W, changing between very different applications. This is a must see - anyone who has experienced the pain of this type changeover on other systems will find it truly amazing how quickly this change can take place. No tools are required and its design allows even a novice operator to perform the change.