Conducted by Molly Joss October 28, 2002 -- Roll Systems Inc. is an important player in the post-press part of the industry, with one of the most varied lines of finishing and feeding equipment available. We asked Scott Peterson Database Marketing Manager, to talk with us about the company and the company’s plans for XPLOR. WTT: Scott, tell us a little about Roll Systems and its products. Peterson: Roll sells more pre- and post-processing equipment for digital printers than anyone. Over half the Fortune 100 are our customers, and our customers stay our customers because we support them better and solve more problems than anyone. We have customers who say things like, "Roll is the Mercedes of the industry," "They’ll do whatever we need," and "Reliability is one of those things you really take for granted with Roll." It’s a cliché, but we really do strive every day to put our customers first. WTT: How has this year been for Roll thus far and how do you see 2003 shaping up? Peterson: Since our sales depend largely on that of major printer companies, it has been challenging. Our customer base is largely the Fortune 500 data centers, though, and we haven’t seen a dramatic decline in their activity. We do, of course, continue to get steady business from upgrades, replacements, and accessories sales to our existing customers. Plus, in these tough times, when our customers are looking to cut costs in their operations, the productivity and cost-savings benefits of Roll equipment make more sense than ever. WTT: What wisdom have you been passing along to your customers during these times? Peterson: We are reminding them of the importance of established relationships. In the wake of 9/11 we were privileged, for example, to help get critical applications at a New York bank back up and running with quick shipment of two new systems within two days. We have also embarked on a new program emphasizing customer relations, a program we’re calling Red Circle. WTT: Explain Red Circle and what else will Roll be showing in terms of products at XPLOR. Peterson: Our biggest news is the Red Circle customer care program. Red Circle is our way of saying that Roll delivers more than just products as part of the value we provide. The program will formalize our efforts to find new and better ways to make customers comfortable. More specifically, application analyses, space planning, 24/7 installation and training, quick-ship capabilities, and special engineering are among the services available exclusively to Roll customers under this program. On the product front, we will show our TwoUp System with its newly available descending stacker, which permits individual stacks to be ejected. The descending stacker features a post-cutter buffer, which buffers sheets, not the web, eliminating jams due to buffer-generated curl and providing continuous stack formation. Also shown on the TwoUp are gutter cut and strip cut options, enabling the production of four-sided full bleed sheets from pre-printed, two-across rolls. WTT: What can visitors expect in terms of demonstrations at your booth? Peterson: Roll will be unveiling a pair of technology demonstrations in our booth. A camera-based monitoring solution examines the entire image on each page of the moving web for print quality. Images from multiple printer systems can be displayed on a central monitor. Also shown will be a spot color system printing two-color logos. In addition, visitors to our booth will have an opportunity to have their pictures taken on Roll bean bag chairs, in the Red Circle stand in our booth. We believe our dedication to customer needs gives us some of the most comfortable customers in the world, and if you stop by we’ll demonstrate what we mean by that.