Conducted by Molly Joss October 25, 2002 -- Rochester Software Associates is a software developer that specializes in creating innovative solutions for the printing and publishing industries. We asked Tim Kelly, Senior Vice President, to bring us up to speed on what the company has been doing and what it will be showing at XPLOR. WTT: Tim, tell us about RSA. Tim Kelly: Rochester Software Associates delivers innovative digital document solutions for print production, viewing and management of output and data that enhance productivity and lower costs. Founded in 1986, the company’s products include print transform (M.I.S. Print, IPDSPrint, DTPrint), production print management (QDirect), Internet-based print job submission and fulfillment (WebCRD), as well as networking, application integration, and production printing professional services. All RSA solutions are backed by our 100% Guarantee WTT: Tim, your company also had a booth at On Demand. Please give us some details about how the show was in general and how it was for your company. Any announcements or new products there? Will those products be at XPLOR? Tim Kelly: OnDemand was a great success for RSA. We introduced two significant products: IPDSPrint, the latest module of RSA’s award-winning M.I.S. Print and WebCRD, a browser-based print submission and fulfillment application. Let me give you some details: IPDSPrint is a new software solution that increases printer productivity and reduces costs by converting AFP/IPDS print output to print on any network attached printers. WebCRD received a very enthusiastic response from our business partners and existing RSA customers. Both will be featured at XPLOR. WTT: RSA received an award during OnDemand, didn’t it? Tim Kelly: Yes! During the show, Jerry Murray, VP Xerox Production Systems Business Group, and Bob Bowe, Manager, Software Programs and Marketing Partners, NASG presented RSA with the 2001 Software Partner of the Year plaque, on behalf of Xerox NASG Marketing Partners Group. This is the fourth time in the past five years that RSA has received this honor, based on outstanding sales of Xerox printers enabled with RSA software. WTT: How has the economy affected your company and your customers? Tim Kelly: The number of active proposals for our products and services remains very high but sales cycles are taking longer and implementations are often in stages rather than one large project. Fortunately, our solutions such as M.I.S. Print and IPDSPrint reduce costs by enabling an organization to sharing print resources or consolidating print centers. They also enable customers to use the same production and network printer(s) for both mainframe and network printing. We have also seen an increase interest in backup and disaster recovery solutions. WTT: How have you been helping your customers make the most of the resources during these uncertain times? Tim Kelly: We have been educating our customers and partners on ways they can upgrade their production and network printers and save costs at the same time. A good example of this is in the consolidation of print centers. By combining data center, network and publishing print centers, organizations can reduce the total number of printers required, increase productivity per printer and often reduce labor costs. We do this by converting data center print jobs to PostScript or PCL and eliminating the dedicated data center printers. WTT: What major announcements will you be making at XPLOR? Tim Kelly: At XPLOR RSA will be launching QDirect™, a robust print manager used to control workflow, route jobs and manage print queues. QDirect allows organizations to consolidate print from desktop, departments, and data centers to a single point and distribute the output to production, workgroup or desktop printers. Coupled with RSA’s M.I.S. Print, QDirect allows you to increase productivity by producing jobs from any host to any printer. RSA will also announce a new release of WebCRD. New features include automatic PDF creation from a user’s desktop, job estimating, account validation and user interface enhancements. The new client based PDF creation is in addition to RSA’s server based PDF solution. It enables users to select the Print command from within any application to create, review, and submit a secure, stable, print-ready Adobe PDF file to an authorized print center using WebCRD. Integrated with the WebCRD, this provides a complete print fulfillment and production software solution for in-house print centers and facilities management sites. Typical WebCRD users are large corporations, universities, financial and government offices. WTT: Besides your booth, will XPLOR visitors be able to see your products elsewhere on the show floor? Tim Kelly: Many RSA products will be featured in the exhibits of our business partners (Xerox, IKON, OCE, and IBM). All RSA products will be in the RSA exhibit #1234. We will have technical people available for discussions, as well as your favorite sales person.