Personal time will be in short supply due to the sheer size of the venue at GraphExpo at McCormick Place. The event runs from October 6 through 9, featuring 400 exhibitors and expecting to attract 40,000 attendees. There is clearly a lot to see in Chicago, so planning ahead and knowing what you want to see, in advance, will be fundamental to achieving your goals. In an effort to assist WTT readers concentrating on PrePress, we have prepared this preview of what you can expect to see. Since this is an early show preview, not every company exhibiting in this category was prepared to share information, so we urge our readers to check back often for the latest breaking news and new product announcements.

Agfa Graphic Systems - Booth # 3823
Agfa Graphic Systems will be demonstrating many of its new and leading prepress technologies from CtP and CtF solutions to workflow and consumables.

Shown for the first time in the U.S. ApogeeX is Agfa's next generation workflow software based on PDF, JDF and Digital Film, representing a breakthrough in automation and ease of use. By putting full workflow control into a single user interface, and at the same time keeping the system modular and scalable, Agfa's ApogeeX provides maximum user control and processing throughput.

Apogee Create
Enables content creators to generate certified PDF files that are workflow-optimized, creating a fast, predictable link to prepress service providers, publishers and printers.

Web based software streamlines and automates planning, staffing, scheduling and tracking of print and publishing projects.

Palladio and LP 82 Processor
A fully automated, 4-up flatbed platesetter designed for small to medium-sized printers—shipped over 150 units in its first six months.

Screening Technologies
Sublima, a hybrid, high quality screening technology, guarantees full contone reproduction for highly dynamic images, with little effort on press. CristalRaster is Agfa's stochastic screening technology that uses uniform microdots, randomly arranged for each separation.

Xcalibur 45
Next generation thermal platesetter seen for the first time in the U.S. A High Speed, 8-up platesetting system using advanced Grating Light Valve (GLV) technology, an application originally designed for the emerging High Definition Television (HD-TV) market. Agfa is believed to be the only company to apply this technology to the prepress and printing market. The X45 will be running live imaging and processing plates.

Galileo VXT Platesetter
Galileo, the best selling violet platesetter in the world, will be demonstrating its new automation features.

Sherpa, SherpaMatic and Grand Sherpa, and Proofing RIPs, will all be on display and demonstration.

Phoenix Imagesetter
Next generation drum imagesetter for commercial printers, service providers and packaging.

Salient X and LE
Digital prepress network for incorporating complex prepress technology within the Apogee PDF workflow.

Xcalibur VLF
An innovative thermal platemaking system combining high productivity, image quality, automation and production reliability.

Lithostar Ultra-V plates support violet sensitive imaging devices at 400nm & Thermostar plates for high quality thermal imaging. They do not require pre-heating or special handling and can be used in all leading thermal CtP systems.

Software Upgrades
New releases for the Apogee PDF RIP, PrintDrive, ColorTune color management and QMS software.

alfaQuest Technologies - Booth # 4639
alfaQuest Technologies (formerly Monotype), manufactures the Panther FasTRAK family of platesetters.

Panther FasTRAK
CTP/C to Conventional Plate Making System. Two models, capable of throughput speeds of 75 and 125 plates per hour, featuring both automatic and manual plate loading and full prepress workflow. Advantages include a significant savings in plate media, reliable supply of conventional plates, daylight operating conditions, and easy integration into current customer workflows.

basysPrint Corporation - Booth #3869
New >>f Generation
A new milestone in CTcP™ technology. The exposure heads of the newly introduced >>f generation product produce twice the previous exposure speeds. The number of micro mirrors has been increased from 800,000 to approximately 1.3 million. More data is transmitted to the plate with each exposure step, thus increasing exposure speed. The new 850w UV lamp has an operational lifetime of approximately 2000 hours. New exposure head lenses provide the following resolutions: 900/1800, 1270/2540 or 1500/3000 dpi.

Blanchard Systems - Booth #4649
Blanchard Systems specializes in providing automated workflow solutions that solve customers issues. Vortex is a best-of-breed hardware and software solution which includes workflow servers, SANs, RAID subsystems, backup subsystems, high speed digital file delivery, real time soft proofing and asset management systems.

Vortex Solutions
Blanchard Systems’ Vortex Velocity, an open web based method for automating file submission and imposition, including job ticket generation, versioning, and asset management with back-up and archival capabilities. After entering customer and job information, Vortex Velocity creates the job and generates a folder structure allowing users to submit page files. Using metadata, Vortex Velocity automatically takes page files and fits them into ready-for-print, imposition templates.

Creo - Booth #3803
Creo presents the next chapter of Networked Graphic Production, the initiative that is streamlining printing cycles, shortening cycle times, minimizing errors on press-and now, providing increased visibility into the efficiency of prepress. See samples of the finest quality printing in the world created with StaccatoR FM Screening software.

MIS Connection Released
Creo launches SynapseR Link software for the automatic exchange of prepress production data between database driven print production systems and management information systems, such as Hagen/OAT from Printcafe. Synapse Link tracks alteration requests, prepress material usage, and machine time which increases visibility into prepress, printers can achieve new levels of business efficiency and productivity.

Implementing JDF from Preps
Creo demonstrates the ability of PrinergyR workflow management system to accept and process JDF imposition data from ScenicSoftR PrepsR software. This allows standard format data to be exchanged from Preps into a Networked Graphic Production environment from Creo, increasing the printer's visibility into prepress operations. Creo plans to acquire ScenicSoft this fall.

New Creo Trapper Technology
Creo will demonstrate a powerful trapping technology that its software development team has developed for use with the PrinergyR workflow management system. With improved ease-of-use, this completely compatible solution will also be available for BrisqueT workflow users.

North American Launch of Veris
Creo will showcase the new VerisT proofing system with true symmetrical resolution of 1500 x 1500 dpi. Veris uses Multi-Drop ArrayT imaging heads to produce high quality imaging. Veris is up to five times faster than other inkjet proofers operating at high quality settings and automatically produces 40 proofs with unattended operation.

iQsmart Scanner Focus
The iQsmart3 scanner features true optical resolution up to 5500 dpi from edge to edge. XY Stitch scanning technology assures consistent quality through sharper imaging. The iQsmart3 scans 96, 35mm slides at one time and produces up to 40 scans per hour. The iQsmart scans any type of original with high quality results.

Dalim - Booth #4649
DALiM will be exhibiting in Blanchard Systems’ booth # 4649.

Workflow software among the top leaders of the recently concluded Seybold San Francisco 2002 PDF Workflow Shootout. TWiST is a powerful, digital workflow software based on modular tools-can rapidly be configured into an almost infinite variety of automatic processing paths. A reduced feature set version of LiTHO, a fully integrated layout and retouching software, is included with TWiST. The server based TWiST workflow software is available on Sun, SGI and PC/Linux hardware.

Electronics for Imaging - Booth #4853
EFI's most powerful color server to date, the Fiery® Q4000 will be unveiled at Graph Expo. EFI will also showcase Velocity OneFlow, a prepress workflow solution for offset and digital technology, as well as a new Splash controller using Mac OS X for creative professionals. Graphic arts color management/proofing solutions, variable data printing, and the latest Velocity workflow software will all be on display in EFI's booth.

Fiery Q4000
The Fiery® Q4000 is EFI's most powerful color server to date, bringing breakthrough RIPping power and speed to graphic arts professionals in high end production printing environments. The Q4000 offers sophisticated color management tools, extensive variable data printing and transactional printing support, and advanced production automation and workflow management features.

Velocity OneFlow
Velocity OneFlow is a PDF based pre-print workflow system for small and mid-size print shops. It provides custom workflow automation for both offset and digital printing with tools for preflighting, imposition, trapping, RIPping, color management and proofing. Through one interface, users can output to multiple devices, including platesetters, imagesetters, DI presses, production digital copiers, and wide format printers.

Enfocus - Booth #4767
Enfocus Software, internationally recognized as a pioneer of PDF related software, publishes tools for the powerful, rapid and accurate flow of PDF documents in the graphic arts, Internet and ePaper markets.

The GATF-InterTech 2002 award winning Certified PDF workflow solution: PitStop Professional, PitStop Server, Instant PDF and the new, free of charge Certified PDF Reader. Additionally, significant new core technology for PDF workflows will be showcased. Also, look for news about new partners.

Enfocus Certified PDF Reader
New, free of charge Certified PDF Reader. An Acrobat and Acrobat Reader plug-in enables anyone in the PDF workflow to check the status of a file. Enfocus Certified PDF is becoming a de facto standard quality check for worldwide PDF document exchange.

Esko-Graphics - Booth #3842
Esko-Graphics will make its major North American debut to commercial and packaging printers. Esko-Graphics features the broadest line of CtP products of any organization in the world, as well as market leadership in a number of graphic arts and packaging business sectors. The offset CtP portfolio can image polyester plates, aluminum plates, and new 30mw violet polymer plates. Flexo CtP solutions for imaging photopolymer plates or sleeves are also available.

A high performance, high quality platesetter with an affordable price. Supports all current plate technologies. New at Graph Expo is a PlateDriver capable of running 30mw violet polymer plates. Also featured is the PlateDriver Semi, loading plates manually, one or two at a time, providing high end quality and productivity at a cost-effective price.

Next generation, commercial printing CtP and CtF workflow system featuring Hot Folders, set up by Job Ticket folders, and External Referencing – a high level OPI. New version 1.2 provides full PDF 1.4 input/output compatibility. New software modules include FastVariants, for managing language or other versioning (for double burning), and BatchImpose, a template based automated imposition utility.

DeskPack for Illustrator
Provides Adobe Illustrator users simple, affordable and controllable access to dedicated packaging design tools, sophisticated verification of printability, and professional trapping. DeskPack for Illustrator adds a series of powerful plug-ins to extend Illustrator’s functionality, and a plug-and-play server box hosting the trapping application – all fully controlled from within the familiar Illustrator desktop environment.

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. - Booth #3831
Graphic Systems Division of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. offers a full array of high quality products and services. Fujifilm’s line of color electronics equipment includes a complete range of imagesetters, RIPs, flatbed scanners and computer-to-plate systems. In addition, Fujifilm has a full line-up of film products and aqueous based conventional subtractive plates.

Violet Saber Luxel Vx Platesetter Series
Will exhibit its violet Saber Luxel Vx platesetter series – including the eight-up Luxel Vx9600 and the four-up Luxel Vx6000 systems. Both platesetters feature the latest, market leading 30mw violet technology. The Saber series media requires only yellow safelight handling and supports web, half-web and sheetfed presses with their portrait and landscape plate loading options. Both models utilize a 30mw, 405nm violet laser diode in a one or two laser configuration and image on Fujifilm’s new high speed Brillia LP-NV photopolymer plate,

Introducing Match Certified
The latest breakthrough in color proofing, Fujifilm’s Match Certified color matching service that assures the highest quality proof-to-press match available. Using Fujifilm’s proprietary software, customers can visually and colorimetrically match their FINALPROOF digital contract proofer or PictroProof digital contone proofer to printing conditions and ink sets. The result is a Match Certified proof that has been certified by the experts. For more information, contact Fujifilm at (800) 877-0555 or visit the Fujifilm Web sites at and

GMG ColorProof - Booth #4649
GMG will be exhibiting in Blanchard Systems’ booth # 4649.

The GMG ColorProof Color Management System
Supports all standard spot color systems up to 64 individual color channels, compatible with standard ICC profiles, and assures the highest contract proof quality on a variety of digital output devices. A number of file formats are handled, including TIFF-IT, DCS, Postscript, and PDF (1.4). The DotProof option transforms output RIP 1-bit TIFF files into color, retaining screening. It’s the engine driving the Blanchard Vortex Color Proofing Solution.

Heidelberg - Booth #1000
The world's largest print media solutions provider with over 400,000 presses installed at more than 240,000 customer sites, in 170 countries. Heidelberg offers the printing industry's largest sales and support network and is the only company in the industry that serves as a single prepress, press and postpress source for offset, web and digital printing solutions.

Heidelberg's Prinect Printready System
Heidelberg's new Prinect Printready System provides the opportunity to automate and map all prepress tasks in a freely configurable, digital workflow. This new solution is fully modular in line with the basic principle of Prinect, Heidelberg's Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) system. Individual components can be selected and added to the overall system rapidly, in line with specific requirements. With Printready, printers can unlock and automate trapping simply by inputting a license key, increasing automation with each module.

Heidelberg announces availability of e-portal solution in the U.S.
Prinect Internet Portal is a new kind of e-portal from Heidelberg. It allows print providers to communicate directly with print buyers through a designated Web site and enables an array of e-services, including remote proofing, online requests for printing quotes and orders, job management and secure file transfer. Prinect Internet Portal also is customizable to feature the branding of individual print businesses and serves as an online gateway to Heidelberg’s Prinect™ products.

Prinect Internet Portal is designed to save print providers time and effort by enhancing the print production workflow, providing quick response to customer needs, and seamlessly integrating with Heidelberg and other manufacturers’ equipment.

Helios - Booth #4812
HELIOS Software GmbH is a leading provider of high performance networking and client/server software products for Macintosh, DOS/Windows PCs, and UNIX.

HELIOS EtherShare
Allows easy integration of powerful servers into Macintosh networks. Providing an extremely fast, reliable, feature rich AppleShare-compatible file and print server to unlock UNIX performance for Macintosh clients. It is well known for its reliability, performance, and ease-of-use. EtherShare fully complies with Apple standards including AppleShare IP, and works with any Macintosh out of the box without the need to train users.

Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) - Booth #4406
Kodak Polychrome Graphics provides one of the broadest product and solutions portfolios available in the graphic arts industry, including a wide range of conventional lithographic plates and computer to plate solutions, Kodak branded graphic arts films, digital, inkjet, analog and virtual proofing products, as well as digital printing solutions and color management tools. Among its complete lineup of solutions for consistent color, KPG will show Matchprint analog, digital halftone, and inkjet proofing, the Kodak Approval digital halftone color proofing system, digital Additional information regarding Kodak Polychrome Graphics may be found on the company's web site:

(KPG) Matchprint Virtual Proofing System
A whole new category for color critical proofing in the graphic arts industry. Using newly created color science and specialized color transformations, the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System enables accurate, consistent viewing of CMYK color reproduction via RGB displays.

New Color Donors for the Kodak Approval XP System
Blue spot color and opaque white spot color. The blue donor greatly extends the gamut of blue dominant spot colors that the Approval XP, equipped with Kodak Approval Recipe Color software, can achieve, including the ability to proof deep, saturated blues common to today’s packaging market. The new white donor allows users to accurately produce opaque white on a wide variety of packaging substrates.

New Software for Matchprint Professional Server
With new software, Matchprint Professional Server Version 3.0. is strongly positioned to deliver color critical, short-run printing and accurate proofing. Version 3.0 features an enhanced user interface to prioritize and manage jobs in queue and apply pre-defined hot folders / spooler settings to new jobs. For proofing applications, version 3.0 boasts several new features including new file format support for PDF/IT, PDF 1.4 and TIFF - LZW compression.

Lastra America/Western Lithotech - Booth #3848
DiamondPlate LT-2 is a positive working 830nm thermal plate, and will be running live on the Creo Lotem Quantum in Booth #3803. DiamondPlate LV-1, the worlds first photopolymer (no silver) 410nm violet technology plate, will also be running on the Escher Grad Cobalt 8 platesetter. An improved version of DiamondPlate LY8, a 532nm visible light plate will also be introduced.

Mitsubishi Imaging - Booth #3856
Mitsubishi Imaging's Graphic Arts Materials Division is an industry leader specializing in supplying Direct-to-Plate and Computer-to-Plate solutions to the printing industry for more than 25 years. Mitsubishi Imaging offers a full line of Silver DigiPlate™, CTP plate materials, digital platesetters, analog platesetters, imagesetting products, proofing solutions, ink jet proofing papers, color management tools and complimentary equipment and chemistries.

New CTP Violet Metal Plate, Silver DigiPlate Alpha
This plate was originally shown at Print ’01 as a technology demo only; now it’s in stock and ready to ship. Traditionally paper-based in CTP, having a metal plate opens new avenues for Mitsubishi. Silver DigiPlate Alpha is for runs of 200,000 impressions, and no pre or post baking is needed, yielding resolutions up to 300 lpi, holding 2 percent to 98 percent dots. Live demos with several platesetters throughout the show floor.

Two Violet Platesetters Showcased
The currently available SDPa 2500V, manufactured by MPM, and in preview, the Esko-Graphics QPS4.

New P660 Card Inkjet Printer
MI will show their complete line of inkjet printers, including the new P660 card printer: a high speed, high volume device for business cards and 4" x 6" postcards. Handles a production volume of 800 4/C business cards per minute. Can also be used to print envelopes and similar items up to 5" wide.

Presstek - Booth #4857
Presstek, Inc. is a leading developer and international marketer of non photographic, non-toxic digital imaging and printing plate technologies for the printing and graphic arts industries.

Dimension series CTP
Award winning Anthem chemistry free plates and a new processor plate, Applause requires no further treatment after imaging. Look for Presstek's DI-enabling technologies in its own exhibit and at numerous partner booths including Heidelberg (#1000), Ryobi (#3465), and Xerox (#1016).

Presstek Applause Process Free Plate
Applause, a new processor wet offset plate requires no treatment after imaging. Applause is compatible with conventional dampening presses and hybrid DI presses. Applause can be produced in aluminum and polyester sheet formats as well as in polyester spools, making it easily adaptable for CTP and DI applications.

Prolatus MarkUp™ - Booth #4820
Prolatus develops and delivers a series of production tools that enable the graphic arts industry and their clients to collaborate effectively and efficiently, and reducing cost during the creative and production workflow.

Prolatus MarkUp™
Prolatus MarkUp provides the comfort, quality and integrity of hard proofing while delivering the speed and response time of soft proofing.

RealTimeImage - Booth #4733
Its comprehensive suite of remote proofing and approval management solutions will be demonstrated, including its hosted ASP, private label solution, RealTimeProof Classic, RealTimeProof Partner and newest offering, RealTimeProof Express. RealTimeImage supports all platforms and all browsers, making it convenient and easy to quickly establish collaborative workgroups.

RealTimeImage Express
For online proofing and approval management. RealTimeProof Express delivers the best features of RealTimeProof Classic and ASP in one easy-to-manage solution. Streams high-resolution data directly from local file storage with all file tracking and approval management tools otherwise available only with RealTimeProof ASP.

Screen - Booth #3400
Screen is presenting a range of models from the PlateRite series of thermal platesetters, including 4-up, 6-up and 8-up CTP devices, as well as the large, multi format PlateRite Ultima. Demonstrations of the platesetters linked with the latest version of Trueflow emphasize the quality and productivity benefits of Power CTP.

PlateRite Ultima
The PlateRite Ultima is a large, multi format CTP supporting two page to 32-page plate formats for printers who utilize a mix of large format and conventional format offset presses, Incorporating GLV™ (Grating Light Valve™) technology, the PlateRite Ultima features twin exposure heads that can expose 16-page and 32-page plates at high speed and quality and allow for the simultaneous exposure of two eight-page plates.

PlateRite 4300 - 4-Up and 6-Up CTP
PlateRite 4300 satisfies the growing use of larger format four-page/six-page presses It also supports some of the smaller two page presses with the minimum plate size of 12.8" x14.5". PlateRite 4300 can output up to 20 plates per hour at 2,400 dpi.

New version web browser operated workflow solution. The driving force behind Screen’s computer-to-plate workflow - Power CTP - is Trueflow, Built on the latest PDF core technology, this intelligent RIP system increases workflow speed and efficiency by organizing individual tasks in prepress and plate production. The newest version affords even more functionality.

Trueflow Archive Manager
Allows the user to store selected Trueflow jobs off-line on a DVD jukebox, tape changer or disk array. The user can restore archived jobs later without interrupting any work in progress.

Xinet - Booth #4824
Xinet FullPress is the industry leader in prepress workflow technology, and provides client server file sharing, print spooling with queue management, and image replacement technology (OPI).

Adding WebNative or WebNative Venture to the FullPress workflow extends prepress services to the web, giving customers and operators instant access to server based digital assets via web browsers. Scalable, and supports current equipment, as well as equipment that may be integrated later.

New GUI based administration of Users and Groups
Provides a much easier way to create accounts for new users and give them access to shared FullPress volumes. Developed on top of FullPress, increases networking performance and workflow. Frees-up client workstations and removes production delays by moving processor heavy tasks to the central server. Minimizes network traffic by keeping file sizes small, both in-house and over the Internet. Accurate image replacement is guaranteed on final output.