For my next series of articles, I am going to change my focus. I plan to spend time on several different aspects of leadership including:

  • Behavioral underpinnings of leadership
  • Developing as a leader
  • Teams—forming and developing them.
  • Decisions—beyond the basics
  • Solving problems
  • People decisions
  • Strategy 

My goal is to create short, 3–5-minute reads, but impactful articles. They will tend to be narrower in scope than what I’ve normally done.  There will be a thread followed within each section listed above from beginning to end.  The goal is to create a working level of understanding of the subject matter. 

The first section listed above will cover important aspects of the behavioral side of leadership. Right now, these topics are covered:

  • Understanding and improving your leadership
  • Four core leadership behaviors
  • Self-awareness
  • Hire smarter.
  • Where does your behavior come from?
  • How paradoxes affect your behavior
  • A process for changing problem behavior.
  • Dealing with change
  • Dual awareness—being aware on two levels.
  • Leading in the moment—responding to crises with appropriate actions and decisions.

I hope you’ll join us. It will be a quick way to learn something useful.