Getting an order from the point of sale to the point of delivery is one of the biggest challenges in every print segment. Mistakes made while capturing job specifications cause onboarding delays, prepress delays, rework risks, and wipe profit from the bottom line. These problems occur in shops of every size, serving every market.

Although web-to-print solutions reduce these risks, not every job onboarding solution is created equal. eProductivity Software’s MarketDirect platform provides efficient and accurate onboarding based on years of experience servicing communication producers worldwide.

Fulfilling the Declaration of Independence!

When eProductivity Software became an independent software vendor more than two years ago, the mission was to take their solid software suites and grow them across all the segments they serve, from commercial printing to packaging and beyond. The mission is to continue providing solutions that help customers generate revenue and maximize efficiency. Staying true to that mission keeps the team focused on growing the portfolio to enable all print segments more deeply. Support comes from acquisitions, including Tharstern in March 2023 and the expansion of partnerships, like the Picsart integration announced in August. It also comes from their expansive dealer network that allows customers to manage the relationship in the most beneficial way. Read here for more information on how the Picsart integration works with the MarketDirect platform.

At the heart of the MarketDirect platform is the MarketDirect® Storefront (MDSF) which supports online print eCommerce, pick-and-pack fulfillment, design online, multi-channel campaigns, and the complex requirements of multi-tier franchise distributed production. With MDSF, customers continue to see their options grow.

In the job onboarding space, MarketDirect sits at the top of the market as the most continuously available, consistently improved, print industry solution. With each new feature, it removes the challenges associated with expanding print product catalogs and integrating new product types. Today, there are integration options for conventional print applications, as well as APIs to integrate with typical Enterprise applications.

Source: eProductivity Software

The beauty of independence is having the freedom to choose how you want things done. MDSF understands this, which is why it supports on-premises installations for those who prefer it, as well as hybrid or cloud deployment for mission-critical infrastructure solutions through the ePS Cloud. Moreover, MDSF offers flexible pricing options appropriate for every print shop size.

The Gift of Time

There are two things that make a vendor relationship valuable to a printer: solutions that help them grow revenue and those that make them more efficient. The MarketDirect Platform satisfies both requirements. It is scalable and designed to empower sales, while meeting the needs and budget of any business size.

Most market researchers consider job onboarding as the most expensive element of the workflow because it is where the most time and money are lost. It starts with how job specifications are captured and verified. When each salesperson captures information uniquely, it takes time to normalize the order information. More time is lost as customer service representatives resolve open questions using email and phone calls. That time is money that is unaccounted for in estimating and pricing.

Simple web-to-print systems generally lack the features that lock specification fields, manage multiple price lists, and enable unique customer-facing storefronts. The power of MDSF is its ability to handle multiple storefront designs and price lists from order through to fulfillment. It includes site-building tools that leverage an extensive template library to speed up the construction of required storefronts. MDSF also has robust administration functions that make it easy to configure customer-specific storefronts and buyer workflows. Whether the print buyer has print-ready content, wants to choose from a library of designs, or wants to order finished goods inventory items, MDSF has everything covered with easy-to-use Visual Product Builders, SmartCanvas online design, and MarketDirect Fulfillment. Learn More

For small shops and in-plants, starting with MDSF Essential offers the same robust tools as those used by larger competitors. The core MarketDirect Fulfillment module can be added to handle finished goods inventory management and supports the full range of requirements for Pick-and-Pack workflows and warehouse management.

No matter where you start with MarketDirect Storefront, the solution grows as your business grows. The MarketDirect Cross Media module brings design and publishing tools that include VDP design and composition, and image personalization that support print and multi-channel campaigns with HTML email, Personalized URLs, SMS text messages, and print and fulfillment products. This module is so flexible that it can be used for almost any marketing or corporate communication project, including onboarding employees.

A sister to MarketDirect Storefront, MarketDirect PackCentral is tailored to the packaging segment. It supports operations in the tag and label space, as well as corrugated packaging and folding carton, providing the same level of service and support that the MarketDirect Platform provides for commercial shops. It supports 3D visualization, which is essential to the packaging space, and includes a SmartBox Designer so that every box can be proofed before moving to the next workflow step.

Supporting the Customer Journey into the Future

Source: eProductivity Software

The power of eProductivity Software is based on its impressive history and forward-thinking vision. Through years of continuous development, they have made significant progress. Their product roadmap for the future is firmly rooted in the buyer's journey. Every opportunity to communicate with customers and understand their business and production challenges helps to build the necessary infrastructure to take the MarketDirect platform into the future of omnichannel communications with confidence.

The MarketDirect platform is a comprehensive business management solution that solves the challenge of using unintegrated point tools. It efficiently manages the complete web-to-print-to-fulfillment cycle and seamlessly integrates with any business back-office environment. By leveraging the closed-loop approach to job onboarding and fulfillment, you can rest easy knowing where your profits are going. Reports will quickly reveal any bottlenecks, and you can easily find new efficiencies to reduce costs. The result is that you are empowered to evolve your shop and excite your customers with confidence.