Florian Hoelzle, Product Manager, and Ozan Ozturk, Global Market Communications Manager, give an overview of the history of XSYS and start off by clearing up how to pronounce their name.  It’s Ex-sis, not X-S-Y-S.


Domino hosts a panel discussing security printing and the changing postal system that demand near perfection in print quality, color accuracy, and security. The panel featured Cartor Security Printers Chairman Ian Brigham, along with Domino Sales Manager Steve Westwood, and Scott Beattie, Sales Executive at Lake Image. (EV)

Kurz is taking sustainability seriously. Christoph Dujardin covers this in their press conference. A big takeaway:  Customers are hesitant to have sustainability raise costs even 5%. Economics must go hand in hand with sustainability. (EV)

As EU sustainability regulations get closer almost all packaging inks, digital and flexo are being reformulated to comply. (DZ)

Ralf Schlözer day 1 final comments: Flint is working on a primer that allows deinking of PE in packaging print. This will be key when the EU packaging waste directive comes into effect to allow for high quality recycates not stained by inks.

Durst HawkEye vision system could be very interesting. A fully automated system using AI to identify nozzle defects. No operator intervention, test bars or rendered image file (for comparison) needed. As scaleable system, could be used in wider systems in the future as well.

HP Indigo bringing the mineral oil (imaging oil) residue in the prints under the level required by the French environmental law - allowing HP Indigo prints in and exports into France. 

 After only one day at Labelexpo it’s dualing carbon footprints! More to come


Screen is expanding their labels and packaging offerings with a new digital primer for their L350UV SAI Series as well as a new paper based flexible packaging press with the PAC 830F water based flexible packaging press finally being released in October. (AD)




Toshitaka Uemura, Corporate Senior Vice President and Division President of Professional Print Business at Konica Minolta, gives a great overview of the history of KM in the print space. (EV)

Sacah-Vittorio Paolucci, Head of Industrial Printing at Konica Minolta, goes into great detail about how KM IPP solutions address customer challenges and gives a complete overview of their digital label & packaging workflow portfolio. (EV)




Gallus Group CEO Dario Urbinati reports from Labelexpo: Gallus One showing strong demand with several installations in Europe. 2023 sales target exceeded and double digit orders already taken for placement in 2024. (EV)




Thomas Macina, Sales Director Labels & Packaging at Durst.

Durst will be taking over the R&D, sales and marketing, support of existing products it has been developing with its partner OMET. The future Durst branded portfolio of products will be expanded with integrated hybrid printing systems, which the companies will continue to jointly develop and manufacture. (AD)

Durst Hawk Eye AI based nozzle compensation explainer video

Durst has unveiled the full details of new technology called "Hawk Eye" that utilizes computer vision and artificial intelligence to take high quality label production to another level. (DZ)



Jade Grace kicked off the Labelexpo Europe 2023 with an overview off the show and some of the special features including an Automation Arena that has live demonstrations of a full 'lights out' production workflow;  The Flex Pack Trail which highlights digital and conventional presses, materials, and finishing technologies; the Flex’s Future: Expanded Color Gamut seminar hosted by ECG expert Dr Kai Lankinen; 2 “Masterclasses” on Flexible Packaging, and Sustainable Labels and Packaging.

Top 10 Countries represented at Labelexpo Europe 2023:

Germany 11.38%, Belgium 8.30%, France 7.65%, Italy 7.42%, United Kingdom 5.54%, Netherlands 4.58%, Spain 4.09%, Poland 4.03%, India 3.12%?, Turkey 2.77%



Grafisk Maskinfabrik has continued to outperform themselves. They announced 10 new finishing and embellishment machines. The one that stands out is the combo hot foil stamp module combined with the digital varnish module with a small footprint. (DZ)



David Zwang, Ralf Schlözer, Eric Vessels and Adam Dewitz are contributing to LabelExpo Europe event coverage.