“The textile Industry has accelerated its march towards digitization for a number of reasons - partly as a direct result of the pandemic and the urgent requirement for sustainable technologies but also to meet the needs of the consumer and our print customers.” —Adele Genoni, EFI Reggiani

In this interview we discuss new printing technologies and Adele shares her insights on industry trends and how EFI Reggiani technology is evolving to fulfil market demands and more.

Highlights of this conversation include:

  • Has the pandemic accelerated the uptake of digital technologies, and in which sectors do you see the biggest opportunities for growth?
  • EFI has recently launched a new entry level machine, the Blaze. Can you tell us more? Why did EFI develop this machine and who is the target customer/industry sector?
  • How important is it to offer the industry a “total solution”—software, service, inks, technology and support combined?
  • Three years ago, EFI launched the Bolt, a high-speed single-pass machine. Where are these machines operating and do you see industrial production reshoring into Europe?
  • EFI offers a comprehensive suite of technology allowing customers to grow with EFI tech. Can you share some success stories?
  • Of all the inks sets that you supply, which do you think offers the largest opportunity for growth?
  • Are your customers switching to digital technology to offer speed of production and sustainability combined and, if so, do you see this at all levels of production volume?
  • What does the future look like? Do you think that digital technologies will eventually replace screen printing?

Watch the interview here: