By Rotometal

Rotometal will make its debut at the LabelExpo Americas 2022 event, which will be held in Chicago this September.

With experience working with OEMs, end customers, and distributors across Europe, Asia and South America, it’s now time to head to North America. Rotometal will be at booth #3610, where it will present its new and existing products to the US market for the first time.

The company is going to introduce its latest innovations and offer its high-value solutions for both OEMs and end customers in the label and packaging industry.

The team is excited to bring their innovation and existing great quality products to the US market. The team from Rotometal is looking forward to meeting with industry leaders and talking about the present and future trends from across our world. They’re excited to see what everyone has to say about what’s going on in the world of print.

Rotometal’s collaboration with the flexographic industry continues to evolve as it introduces new innovations to the global market.

With its ongoing collaboration with the flexographic industry, Rotometal has introduced several innovations to the global market. As part of Rotometal’s changing approach to Customer 5.0, which they will be presenting at LabelExpo, they have spent time learning what problems their customers have and creating game-changing solutions for them.

As a result of this work, Rotometal has been able to create products which will allow customers to save time and money by reducing setup time and improving operator and plant level efficiency.

These products include their Magnetic Cylinders Aluminum, ECO CRO Sleeves, ANTIFRICTION print cylinders, and more.

They Will Be Launching Their Brand New Magnetic Cylinder Aluminum

Rotometal will take the opportunity of being at LabelExpo Americas to launch their brand new Magnetic Cylinder Aluminum, an aerospace-grade hard aluminum version of the traditional magnetic printing cylinder that is just as strong, but weighs 50% less than its alternative.

This has numerous positive impacts on their customers’ businesses.

By making the magnetic cylinders lighter, it makes it easier and safer for operators to lift the cylinder for mounting on a press, which is particularly useful for the bigger cylinders with thicker magnets.

It also has the added benefit of reducing costs to the business.

One of the key benefits of the Magnetic Cylinder Aluminum is that, due to being 50% lighter than its traditional version, there are a number of benefits. It reduces transportation costs, since lighter products are easier to move around and carry. It can also reduce the long-term impact of wear on machinery, as lighter products require less energy to move.

You'll be able to see the product live for the first time on booth 3610 in Chicago.

Rotometal Will Also Be Launching Its New ECO Range of Composite Print Sleeves

Rotometal will also be launching its new ECO range of print sleeves. They have replaced the standard PET with 100% recycled PET (rPET), these sleeves offer the same strength as their standard Composite Printing Sleeve with even greener credentials.

Composite Rotometal Sleeves (CRO) are modern, ultra-light printing sleeves produced with composite materials. They are produced with a closed volume honeycomb volume layer, a bespoke Vulkolan compensation layer, and, in the case of the ECO range, an rPET layer. Combining these together they make CRO Sleeves ideal for the printing process.

Rotometal Will Be Showcasing Their New Online Web-Store Rotoshop and the Broad Range of High-Quality Rotary Tooling for the Flexographic Industry

Rotometal will also be showcasing their online web-store rotoSHOP and their range of high-quality rotary tooling for the flexographic industry.

rotoSHOP is a web store specifically created to serve the needs of those in the flexographic industry. It is a place where you can buy many different types of high-quality rotary tooling, as well as support equipment and soon supplies.

Alongside the new innovations outlined above, Rotometal will showcase their broad range of rotary tooling. These include:

  • Anilox rolls
  • Cylinders (printing and magnetic)
  • Dies and tooling (rotary and flatbed)
  • Hot stamping-embossing cylinders
  • Inking rollers
  • Screen printing equipment
  • Sleeve systems

The Rotometal team are excited to be heading to America for the first time and for launching its new products at LabelExpo 2022 Americas.

The Rotometal team will be on hand at booth 3610 to chat with anyone who stops by, so please say hello.