Now that the Government shutdown is over (for now), printing shipments are again being updated, which is a bit of a mixed blessing. Shipments for November 2018 were down from October—but we expected that—but higher than November 2017—which we had been hoping for. In keeping with the new seasonality, November is a comedown after October’s peak. We should expect, then, that December will be another decline, but if we can stay above December 2017, we can call it a win.

We continue to make up ground: on a year-to-date (January-to-November) basis, 2018 comes in at $72.8 billion, while 2017 January-to-November shipments came in at $73.4 billion (all dollars adjusted for inflation). We started 2018 slow...can we make it up in the last month of the year? Can we finish the year stronger than last year?

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