The once-perennial number one challenge—“economic conditions”—has dropped way down the list. The new number one—“pricing”—was selected by 44% of respondents, up from 26% a year ago. As the shift to digital printing continues, how to price these items, and in a way that market will bear, becomes an ever-greater issue. This is also due to the high number of 1–9-employee shops responding to our survey; this tends to be a bigger issue for them than for other size classifications. Still, it does indicate how difficult that marketplace is.

The number two business challenge moves up from number three: “increasing plant productivity,” selected by 33% of respondents, up from 31% a year ago. Remember our earlier commentary about jobs/orders outpacing revenues and profits? Here is evidence of that issue (as is pricing). Shops have to aggregate as many shorter-run jobs as they can and get them through the workflow as quickly as possible.

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