Since January 2013, the number of production employees in commercial printing establishments has grown slightly, and is up +0.7%, from 307,700 employees to 310,000. Other employees, which are mainly administrative including sales, are down -8.1%, from 145,000 to 133,300. The industry, by economic pressures, has become more efficient administratively. Among those pressures are the incentives for consolidation. There are times in industry history where administration has been a smaller portion of industry employment, especially in the 1990s boom years. Based on history, the healthiest years of the industry have been where non-production personnel are less than 30% of total employees. We are now at 30.1%, Since January 2016, non-production employment is down -2.8% -- a significant change -- while production employment has been steady. It looks like the industry's workforce is in process of a significant reallocation and re-assignment.