The Restructuring of the Consumer Retail Market

Economist Mark Perry notes that Amazon’s stock market capitalization is similar to the combination of five largest retailers (Walmart, Target, Costco, CVS, and Best Buy). The company’s effect on retail is going to be much broader than the consensus expects. Last year, their sales of housewares increased by  33% to about $7 billion. Health and personal care products increased by 35%. They even have private label brands for detergent and other products. There are estimates that 20% of US consumers are members of Amazon Prime. It’s no surprise then, that the list store closings among major retailers is growing, with some analysts believing that those retailers will end up needing to do even more.

Eddy Hagen’s Blogpost about How to Get Print Campaigns into Google Analytics

This topic came up during the economic webinar, and we promised to link to this practical blogpost by print and media technologist and seer Eddy Hagen at his Insights4Print blog. He discusses how to get print campaigns into the data analytics flow that is so important to today’s communicators and marketing automation initiatives.