Junichiro Yamashita of Brighter Later recently informed the authors of “This Point Forward” that the Japanese translation of the work is now available from the bookstore of the Japan Association of Graphic Arts Technology (JAGAT). The Japanese translation of the earlier book, “Disrupting the Future,” remains an important resource for printing business owners and executives. “This Point Forward” can be ordered from JAGAT online, and is ¥2,750. ThisPointForward_150-216 Richard Romano says “I am honored to have the opportunity to help point the way forward with our colleagues across the Pacific. Junichiro Yamashita deserves great praise for translating a highly colloquial and idiomatic book written for an American audience into a book that can be embraced by Japan's printing business owners.” Dr. Webb expressed his gratitude for availability of the new book. “During my trip to Japan last Fall, I was deeply honored and touched by the generous and warm hospitality of my hosts and the audiences. It was clear that 'Disrupting the Future' offered an important and objective perspective for the industry and was greatly appreciated. I want to thank Yamashita-san once again for his translation of 'Disrupting' and the new Japanese edition of 'This Point Forward.' Richard and I thank Yamashita-san for his efforts to be faithful to the original text and explain our ideas with examples that are relevant to Japan's marketplace.” The original version of "This Point Forward" is available in hard copy and Kindle versions at Amazon. # # #