Would you put your Sales department in charge of your next IT project?

Heck no!

So why do you put your IT department in charge of your web-to-print projects?

Web-to-Print is a sales and marketing initiative that happens to involve technology. You need technology support and sales/marketing leadership.

What is absolutely required for a web-to-print project to be deemed a success? By absolutely required, I mean if this does not happen, the whole project will be a failure?

There are exactly two required elements to a successful web-to-print project:

1. Your sales team sells it.

2. Your customers use it.

Everything else about the project can be negotiated, for example, exactly how the product is configured, what color scheme you use in the banner, what status e-mails get sent, etc. Before you freak out, I’m not saying all the implementation stuff isn’t important. I am just stating the fact that none of it matters if your sales people don’t sell it and your customers don’t use it so why not prioritize around the two things that could potentially kill your whole project?

It won’t surprise you to know that in our Dscoop University Webinar on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 (open to all HP Indigo customers) we will present the 3 Critical Factors for Web-to-Print Sales & Marketing Success and none of them will be about the technology.

Attend the free webinar and get a set of great resources to increase your success with web-to-print:

  • 3 Critical Factors for Web-to-Print Sales & Marketing Success White Paper

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