"Why should I buy your web-to-print solution?"

If you can't provide potential buyers with a persuasive answer to this question, your odds of consistently selling web-to-print solutions aren't much better than hitting the jackpot on a slot machine in Las Vegas.

One key to marketing web-to-print solutions effectively is to use marketing content that answers your prospects' most important questions.  When developing this kind of marketing content, the most important thing to remember is that business buyers purchase products or services to solve business problems or improve business performance.  So, they care much more about benefits and outcomes than about features and functionality.  Theodore Levitt of the Harvard Business School made this point succinctly when he said, "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill.  They want a quarter-inch hole."

In recent projects with two clients, we've identified over two dozen distinct benefits that a web-to-print solution can provide to a user. Potential buyers will differ, of course, in the importance they place on various benefits, but four broad categories of benefits are important to almost all legitimate prospects.

  • Lower marketing supply/distribution chain costs

  • The ability to control the brand while simultaneously enabling and supporting the use of customized marketing materials

  • Reduced obsolescence

  • Convenience, speed, and accuracy

I've just released a new white paper that describes these four compelling "reasons" to use a web-to-print solution.  This paper is written from the buyer's perspective.  The target audience for the paper is potential buyers who are in the early stages of the buying process, and the primary objective of the paper is to raise awareness of the benefits that a marketing asset management/web-to-print solution can provide.

If you'd like to review the new white paper, send me an e-mail at ddodd(at)pointbalance(dot)com.