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Value-Based Pricing: A New Business Transformation Model

The commoditization of our product is a risk we face every day. This essay by Joseph Truncale of the NAPL highlights the difference between just selling print and making the shift to being a strategic partner who can deliver unique value to his customers.


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By lee weiner on Oct 13, 2010

this article hits it on the head for printers that want to take advantage of digital solutions. no longer is printing a commodity and the value added in the sales process will determine what the client is willing to spend. one printer may get $.20 for a postcard while another is getting $1.00 for the same card. it's all in consultative, educational approach which will increase your margins and profits. it works if you just implement and your clients will be thankful and not want to leave you for another supplier. We call this building the fence around your clients.



By Marriott Winchester on Oct 13, 2010

It is more than just changing from analog to digital solutions. It is the deep understanding of your customers business and more importantly their business goals. Help your customer grow their business, meet a corporate goal or provide a business innovation and price will be secondary.

Obsessive focus on your customers business will help you focus on what is truly important and ensure you will be a relevant supplier for years to come.

When presenting don't focus on your business and your successes but tell them about their business needs and how you will make them more successful. Close with a short explanation of why you are qualified to be thier partner.

It works every time. If the customer does only wants to talk price, move on, and find a real partner. There will always be more customers than printers.



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