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Interviews with Industry Executives, Commentary & Analysis from WhatTheyThink Contributors and other video features.

Profiles in Print Premier Press
Profiles in Print
Premier Press (Portland, Oregon)

WhatTheyThink traveled to Portland to visit Premier Press to learn more about their business, how they operate, and what makes them unique. This film is the first in an ongoing series of Profiles in Print.

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EILEEN FISHER Renew Seeks to Extend Apparel Life Cycle

Cynthia Power, Director, EILEEN FISHER Renew, describes the various ways the brand is taking back, reselling, and upcycling garments as well as recycling efforts to reduce the amount of textile waste in landfills. She'll be discussing this as the upcoming Smithers Digital Printing for Textiles conference as well. Watch Video

New Yarn Production Process Designed to Minimize Shedding of Microfibers

Fernando Marin founded Clean Ocean Fiber Tech to develop a new way of making yarn that significantly reduces, or even eliminates, microfiber shedding, a huge environmental issue. Laboratory tests in Brazil reveal that the Clean Ocean Fiber Tech fabric shed only 4 microfibers during the test, while standard fabric shed over 7,000 with a similar sized sample. Watch Video

Frank Goes Postal

Frank bemoans the increases in first class postage and the proposal for 58 cent stamps. He goes back in time to the venerable Addressograph mailing machine that ushered in the era of mass mailings, especially catalogs. From the telephone, to the modem, to the Internet, we have changed how we communicate with each other—and mail has been the loser. Watch Video

The Promise of Pigment Inks

Dupont has been involved in production of inks for inkjet printing for more than 30 years. In this conversation, Eric Beyeler, Global Marketing Manager for Artistri® Digital Inks at DuPont, talks about their history, how their inks are distributed, and the promise of pigment inks for both commercial/packaging and textile printing. Beyeler will be speaking in more detail on this topic at the Smithers Digital Textile Printing US conference on June 30th. Watch Video

The Paper Handling System on the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press

In this video sponsored by HP Indigo, Itamar Malka, R&D Product Development Lab Manager, HP Indigo, demonstrates the fast and accurate paper handling on the HP Indigo 100K, designed to support the highest possible productivity, up to 6,000 B2 sheets per hour. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Kenmore Envelope’s Scott Evans

This week, Warren talks with Scott Evans, President and CEO of Kenmore Envelope Company, a third-generation family business founded in the mid-1960s that specializes in flat sheet litho envelopes for direct mail. After a brief slowdown in early 2020, business came back in earnest in June and the company finished 2020 up 12% over 2019. Watch Video

Home Decor to Take Center Stage at Smithers Digital Print For Textiles

Michelle Courtois is an experienced design professional with a passion for textiles, product development, and technology. While she started in apparel and has worked with many well-known brands, she is shifting her focus to home decor -- a booming opportunity as more people are choosing to continue to work from home and to spend more time and energy making their homes reflect their style and lifestyle. Michelle talks about the projects she will present at the conference and where she sees the home decor market going from here. Watch Video

The Year of Frank: Many Happy Returns

We interrupt Frank’s weekly video to bring these birthday wishes from the team at WhatTheyThink and Inkjet Insight. Happy 80th, Frank! Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Says, “I Love Zoom!”

This week, Warren takes a break from his Printer to Printer series and reflects on the past 16 months and the impact that COVID had on him and on print businesses. On a personal level, it brought him closer to his kids. On a business level, it forced printers to adapt to change faster than they had been used to, and it forced them to find new ways to communicate with customers. Watch Video

The New Writing Head for the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

In this video sponsored by HP Indigo, Haim Vladomirski, LED Print Head Team Leader at HP Indigo, talks about the V12 writing head, which uses a new LED technology to print the finest details, smoothest skin tones, and highest image quality. Watch Video

Meet This Year's #1 Small Commercial Printer: Strategic Factory

Each year, WhatTheyThink | Printing News invites small commercial print business owners to participate in our Top 100 Shops Survey, and respondents are then ranked according to their 2020 revenues. This year's #1 Top Shop is Owings Mills, Md's Strategic Factory. Keith Miller, President and CEO of Strategic Factory, talks about how the company coped with the COVID-19 crisis and what its plans are for 2021. Watch Video

EFI Reggiani Adds Ease of Entry Printers, Localized Ink Manufacturing, to Portfolio at ITMA Asia 2021

Adele Genoni, EFI Vice President and General Manager at EFI Reggiani, joins Senior Editor Cary Sherburne to talk about the company's first in-person presence at a major trade event since the pandemic began. At ITMA Asia 2021, EFI Reggiani is launching two new ease of entry digital textile printers and teasing a third that will be launched later in the summer. Watch Video

Frank Has Spirit (Duplicators)

Frank discovers an article that says that Jeff Bezos of Amazon prefers multi-page memos over Powerpoint and this prompts a discussion of office printing. Along the way, we are reminded of paper memos and phone call slips, some printed with Mimeographs, Dittos, Gestetners, and Xerox copiers. Today, almost everyone has a printer/scanner a few steps away. Watch Video

Industry Veteran Patrick Henry to Retire

Eric Vessels talks to industry analyst, writer, and former WhatTheyThink contributor Patrick Henry, who has recently announced his retirement. They look back at Pat’s career—he began as a stringer for the long-gone Long Island Press newspaper covering the police beat and in 1984 answered a classified ad for an editorial position at the then-weekly Printing News. Pat wrote for WhatTheyThink from 2002 to 2017. We wish Pat all the best! Watch Video

Making a Sustainable Impact for Print

HP’s corporate citizenship values go back to the founding of the company, and HP has been recognized as one the world’s most responsible and sustainable companies. The company has more than 100 staff worldwide dedicated to HP’s Sustainable Impact programs—including product stewards assigned to every product line to work hand-in hand-with product development and support functions to guide sustainability and compliance activities. HP recently announced bold 2030 Sustainable Impact goals that will move the company towards becoming the world’s most just and sustainable technology company. What are some of those goals, and what initiatives is HP pursuing to achieve them? What role is digital printing playing in transitioning commercial, industrial, and packaging printing to the circular economy? Sustainability is central to the value proposition of HP PageWide presses—how does that help HP’s direct mail customers, in turn, become more sustainable businesses? Watch Video

HP Indigo’s Print Care

In this video sponsored by HP Indigo, Deisy Kapon, WWTS IST Product & Content Dev. Manager at HP Indigo, demonstrates Print Care, a set of on-press capabilities that allow operators to monitor the press and diagnose and troubleshoot any press issues in real time from anywhere. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Thayer Long

This week, Warren talks with Thayer Long, President of the Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech), who provides an overview of the association, as well as how both the association and the industry itself has been in transition—especially post-pandemic. Watch Video

EFI’s Fiery Business CTO Josef Coetsee on DFEs

David Zwang talks to Josef Coetsee, CTO of EFI’s Fiery Division, about EFI’s unique approach to digital front ends (DFEs). Much more than a RIP, a DFE is a set of services—hardware and software—that enable print shops to execute their workflows, manage their operations, and drive their presses. Watch Video

Court Ruling on Debt Collection Communications Puts Printing Companies on Notice

April came with more than showers for any PSP who prints for debt collectors. It also came with a ruling from the 11th Circuit Court that prohibits collection companies from using the services of PSPs to print and mail debt collection letters and related notices. If you are one of these PSPs, listen to this video with Pat McGrew and Dr. Linda Fried (University of Colorado Business School) before you have a conversation with your legal team. If you aren't printing collection letters, you still might want to listen. Linda tells us that this puts many other types of communication printed by service bureaus at risk! Watch Video

Frank’s Enablers

A recent study shows that one-third of all newspaper subscriptions are for digital versions and that this could reach 100% between 2024 and 2027. But for digital subscriptions to be worthwhile, there needs to be an easy way to read them. Frank takes us on a quick tour of these digital enablers and how they evolved—from the Apple Newton, to the Powerbook, to the MacBook Air, and then to the iPhone and iPad. Watch Video