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Interviews with Industry Executives, Commentary & Analysis from WhatTheyThink Contributors and other video features.

Profiles in Print Premier Press
Profiles in Print
Premier Press (Portland, Oregon)

WhatTheyThink traveled to Portland to visit Premier Press to learn more about their business, how they operate, and what makes them unique. This film is the first in an ongoing series of Profiles in Print.

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Lemay Sanchez of Plan Prophet Talks About CRM Automation

Kelley Holmes talks to Lemay Sanchez, Managing Director of Plan Prophet, a Salesforce-based CRM automation engine that integrates directly with Printers Plan and PrintSmith, with support for additional MIS systems soon to be added. The goal is to support as many MIS systems as possible and provide a truly integrated CRM automation experience. Watch Video

The Power of HP Indigo One-Shot Technology

In this video sponsored by HP Indigo, Itamar Malka, R&D Product Development Lab Manager at HP Indigo, demonstrates how HP’s One-Shot Printing Technology works and explains why it’s ideal for working with heat-sensitive substrates. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with David Carrol

This week, Warren talks to David Carrol, CEO of Dope Marketing, a company that automates direct mail for the home service space, as well as other vertical markets. Watch Video

The Year of Frank and the Museum of Printing Still Going Strong

The Year of Frank, which is designed to both celebrate Frank Romano's 80th birthday and his many contributions to the industry, as well as to drive fundraising and volunteer activities for the Museum of Printing, was looking forward to the opportunity to increase visibility at PRINTING United. Unfortunately, with the show being cancelled, that is now not possible. Frank and Jim Hamilton share an update in this video—donations, future plans and more. This is a must watch! Plus, be sure to visit www.museumofprinting.org where you will find a wealth of information and a big red Donate button! Please help us preserve this priceless industry asset and piece of history. Watch Video

Meredith Nichols On Challenges Facing Today's Printing Businesses

Meredith Nichols has been the Director of Print Media at Flagship Press in Massachusetts and involved in many innovative efforts at the company to automate workflows and continuously improve its wide range of services. Now she is taking that expertise "on the road" with the launch of Nichols Associates. She explains it all in this video interview. Watch Video

Frank’s Book Club: “The Bookseller of Florence”

Frank reviews “The Bookseller of Florence” by Ross King, which tells the story of a world of beautiful handwritten books by Greek and Latin writers upended by the invention of printing. Printed books were not as beautiful, but much cheaper to produce. In fact, there were even instances of scribes hand-copying printed books. Still, within a decade, printing puts the scribes out of business. Watch Video

Canon’s Francis McMahon and Eric Hawkinson Preview the Upcoming thINK Forum

Francis McMahon, Executive Vice President at Canon Solutions America, and Eric Hawkinson, Chairman of thINK, discuss the upcoming thINK Forum, to be held October 11-15 at the Boca Beach Club in Boca Raton, Fla. To keep attendees safe and comfortable, the event is being held in two “waves,” the first from Oct. 11-13 13, and the second from Oct. 13-15. Each wave is limited to ~150 attendees, and the content is identical. Watch Video

AATCC Announces New Fiber Fragment Testing Standard

In this interview, Heather Elliot, previous chairperson of AATCC's RA-100 Committee and working for one of fashion's major brands, explains the role of the committee and what its fiber fragment measurement standard is designed to do. Our viewers may have heard the term microfibers, with respect to their contribution to pollution when they are shed during home laundry. Heather explains why they prefer not to use that term, and also provides suggestions about how consumers can minimize fiber fragment shedding as they think about how they launder their clothing. Watch Video

Frank vs. History

Frank goes off on a rant about The History Channel series “Machines That Built America” because of one glaring omission: they did not include the Linotype. Frank contends that the American-made Linotype helped to increase literacy and facilitated documentation and helped the companies that made the machines that built America actually build them. Watch Video

User Experience and Design on the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

In this video sponsored by HP Indigo, Ronen Yosifon, User Experience Manager in the HP Indigo V12 Lab, points out the design considerations that make the V12 press easy to use and operator friendly. Watch Video

How Near Infrared Drying Can Benefit Print, Packaging and Textiles

As the drive toward sustainability to address the climate crisis heats up (no pun intended), there are a number of technologies that are already working that can reduce CO2 emissions and operate with renewable energy. Near-Infrared drying technology from German company adphos is one of those. Frank de Jonge explains. Watch Video

Frank Takes Stock

Frank talks about stock photography with Stewart Monderer, Principal of Monderer Design, a corporate graphic design and branding firm in Cambridge, Mass. What began as a black-and-white print became a slide or chrome and then a JPEG on a CD-ROM. Now stock photography is a website and a download. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Mailing Guy with Scott Eganhouse

This week, Warren talks with Scott Eganhouse, VP Business Development for TEC Mailing Solutions. TEC helps customers optimize their mailings to save as much as possible on postage. He and Warren discuss the impending postal increase—one of the largest ever—and what it will mean for mailers. Watch Video

Vanguard Digital Set to Join Durst at PRINTING United

Dave Cich, President & CEO of Vanguard Durst, shares his thoughts about Durst's investment in his company, the driving factors for both companies, and some of the benefits the combination brings. He also reveals two new printers that will be unveiled at PRINTING United. Watch Video

Frank Talks to Dave Seat, Linotype Repair Expert

Frank talks with Dave Seat, one of the few Linotype repair experts. Dave and a few of his peers keep these mechanical marvels running. The 1886 Linotype revolutionized typesetting and many museums are struggling to keep them running. Watch Video

The HP Indigo Optimizer: Planning Efficient Print Runs at the Press of a Button

In this video sponsored by HP Indigo, Dror Kella, Technologist, R&D, in the HP Indigo 100K Lab, demonstrates the HP Indigo Optimizer. Available on all sheetfed Indigo presses, the Optimizer is a user interface and set of tools that increase productivity by giving operators the information they need to plan their jobs. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Summer Gould

This week, Warren talks to Summer Gould, President of Eye/Comm Inc. Started by her father in 1990, EyeComm offers print, direct mail, and digital services such as email and social media management, as well as fulfillment. The company seeks to be a resource for their customers for sending effective direct mail and printing it with postal regulations in mind. Watch Video

Modern Litho Sees Growth Opportunity both Organic and Through Acquisition

In this interview, Modern Litho's Jeff Davidson, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and a member of the ownership team, provides an update on Modern Litho and background on its latest acquisition of Kansas City based Watkins Lithographic. If integrating an acquired company isn't enough, the company is also embarking on deployment of a MIS/ERP solution in partnership with Kodak. Watch Video

Frank Is on the Mark

Mark Michelson of Printing Impressions sent Frank a collection of materials for the Museum of Printing. (Or perhaps he was just cleaning out his office.) It is interesting what he saved after four decades in the printing industry. Each piece tells a story, and Frank adds his footnotes. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Print AR with Bill Atta

This week, Warren talks with Bill Atta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Melbourne, Australia’s Dreemar. A sister company of the prestigious and award-winning Eastern Press, Dreemar develops augmented reality (AR) products specifically for the printing industry. Eastern Press launched Dreemar with the goal being to add value to print in areas where they saw print declining. Watch Video