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Interviews with Industry Executives, Commentary & Analysis from WhatTheyThink Contributors and other video features.

Profiles in Print Premier Press
Profiles in Print
Premier Press (Portland, Oregon)

WhatTheyThink traveled to Portland to visit Premier Press to learn more about their business, how they operate, and what makes them unique. This film is the first in an ongoing series of Profiles in Print.

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SwagCycle Aims at Landfill Divergence

Every year, tons of unwanted materials end up in landfills around the globe. SwagCycle, founded by Ben Grossman of Grossman Marketing Group, is a platform that matches donors with recipients for materials that can be re-used or recycled, giving them a second life and keeping them out of the landfill. This includes such things as donations to charities like Dress for Success and Boys & Girls Clubs to finding ways to use ground up materials in insulation, mattress stuffing, carpet pads and more. Ben shares the details in this video interview. Watch Video

Koenig & Bauer Executives Share Product & Strategy Update

In this video, we introduce Kilian Renschler, President & CEO of Koenig & Bauer US & Canada. Renschler is joined by Senior Vice President of Marketing & Product Manager Eric Frank. They walk us through Renschler's background and reasons for joining the company, the latest details about new products and how they are helping customers be more flexible and efficient from prepress through finishing and across commercial and packaging segments, and talk about the very successful year they are having despite the pandemic as printing businesses and the economy at large recover. Watch Video

Frank's News Caravan

Frank found a number of news items that were too short for a full video and combined them into a faux newscast. He channels 1950s newscaster John Cameron Swayze as he reports on pricey antiquarian books and ephemera as well as technological developments. He especially likes the news that they can print brain cells, which leads to his latest mantra, “Print makes you smarter.”  Watch Video

FSI’s Richard Lowe on Helping Franchisees Weather the Pandemic

Kelley Holmes talks with Richard Lowe of Franchise Services Inc. (FSI) at the Franchise Services show in Las Vegas about how FSI helped support its franchisees during the pandemic. Watch Video

Fujifilm's Matt Bennett on Digital Packaging

Matt Bennett, Global VP Packaging for Fujifilm, sits down with David Zwang at Label Congress to discuss the company's positioning in digital packaging and their latest product introductions. Watch Video

Jim Raffel and Shelby Sapusek Geek Out with Bill Pope

In the latest installment of the Print Geeks Interview Series, Resident Print Geeks Jim Raffel and Shelby Sapusek talk to Bill Pope of PRINTING United about the importance of education in the graphic arts. Watch Video

Global Graphics' Mike Rottenborn on the Company's Acquisitions and Growth

Mike Rottenborn, CEO of Global Graphics, sits down with David Zwang at Label Congress to discuss the synergies in Global Graphics' acquisitions and growth, as well as their new corporate name and identity. Watch Video

Frank Preaches to the Quire

A recent donation of paper samples, newsletters, and booklets leads Frank to wax nostalgic about how paper companies promoted their products in the “heyday of paper,” the 1960s to the 1980s. Considering that there are fewer paper companies and mills and some availability issues today, it is interesting to harken back to another time. Watch Video

FUJIFILM ’s Greg Balch on FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions

In this video, sponsored by FUJIFILM, Greg Balch, GM & VP of FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions, talks about the recently launched FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions, designed to help customers develop bespoke printing solutions. Watch Video

Diversity of Offerings Helped Sir Speedy Tampa through the Pandemic

Kelley Holmes talks to Steve Albritton of Sir Speedy Tampa at the Franchise Services Convention. Sir Speedy Tampa had come in at #36 on the 2020 WhatTheyThink | Printing News Top 100 Small Commercial Printers survey, and Steve talk about how the company managed to thrive during the pandemic year. Watch Video

High Lifespan Consumables for the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

In this video sponsored by HP Indigo, Motti Silberberg's, Series 6 Cold Function Manager, shows how consumable components like the blanket, PIP, and acid drum were designed to accommodate the very high speed of the V12 press. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Todd Cober

This week, Warren talks to Todd Cober, President of Cober Solutions. The company was founded 105 years ago by Cober’s great-grandfather to produce flyers, and has grown ever since. The company was a general commercial printer until the early 2000s, when they got heavy into digital and on-demand printing. Watch Video

EFI's Nick Benkovich on Changing Market Dynamics

Nick Benkovich, EFI VP Product Management, discusses how market dynamics are changing for PSPs across all segments, and looks at the challenges, opportunities, tools, and cultural shifts that are going to be required. Watch Video

SPESA Gears Up for In-Person Executive Conference in Boston

In this conversation, Michael McDonald, President of SPESA, shares insight into what attendees can expect at the organization's upcoming Executive Conference, 27–28 October in Boston. He also discusses the challenges the sewn products industry is facing in a wide ranging conversation, from workforce development to supply chain to reshoring and more. Watch Video

Frank Phones It In

April 3, 1973, a date that will live in infamy: the first cellphone call was made. “Cutting the Cord: The Cell Phone Has Transformed Humanity” by Martin Cooper inspired Frank to drag out some vintage telephones, from the vintage Bakelite phone, to the bulky first cellphones, to the Blackberry to the iPhone. Today, almost everyone on earth has a mobile phone. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with IPG’s Maralyn Dolan

This week, Warren talks to Maralyn Dolan, President of Integrated Printing & Graphics. Founded in 1999 by Maralyn (aka “the Paper Whisperer”), New York City's IPG does direct mail along with high-end collateral work. Watch Video

EFI’s Ron Teller on PrintSmith Vision

Kelley Holmes talks with EFI’s Ron Teller at the Sir Speedy, PIP and Signal Graphics International Vendor Show about new integrations and modules for PrintSmith Vision Print Management Software. Watch Video

EFI Reggiani Launches Third New Digital Textile Printer in 2021

The EFI Reggiani R&D team has been busy, despite the pandemic constraints. The recent launch of the EFI Reggiani HYPER, which EFI categorizes as the fastest multi-pass digital textile printer on the market, has already seen good success. Senior VP and General Manager Adele Genoni talks with Senior Editor Cary Sherburne about EFI Reggiani's 2021 product launches, the company's FESPA plans, and the general state of the market as digital textile printing continues to gain share. Watch Video

Todd Roth Previews the Upcoming thINK Forum

Todd Roth, VP of Core Publishing Solutions for Thomson Reuters and President of the thINK Board of Directors, provides a preview of the upcoming thINK Forum, to be held October 11-15 at the Boca Beach Club in Boca Raton, Fla. To keep attendees safe and comfortable, the event is being held in two “waves,” the first from Oct. 11-13, and the second from Oct. 13-15. Each wave is limited to ~150 attendees, and the content is identical. Watch Video

Blown to Bits

Frank takes a trip through the graveyard of printed products. The electronic age has seen the virtual elimination of most road maps, annual reports, phone books, forms, and other products that can be replaced by electronic methods. We have gone from atoms to bits. As Benny Landa has said, “Whatever can go digital, will go digital.”  Watch Video