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Interviews with Industry Executives, Commentary & Analysis from WhatTheyThink Contributors and other video features.

Profiles in Print Premier Press
Profiles in Print
Premier Press (Portland, Oregon)

WhatTheyThink traveled to Portland to visit Premier Press to learn more about their business, how they operate, and what makes them unique. This film is the first in an ongoing series of Profiles in Print.

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David Mauro Previews Americas Print Show: Think Like a Hacker!

David Mauro, Regional Manager for All Covered, speaks with Eric Vessels about his session at the upcoming Americas Print Show in Columbus, Ohio, August 17-19. His session will cover cybersecurity—and will challenge us to "Think Like a Hacker!" in order to improve our businesses' security. Watch Video

Dr. Aravind Chandrasekaran Previews Americas Print Show: Creating a Culture of Innovation and Learning

Dr. Aravind Chandrasekaran, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Executive Education at the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, speaks with Eric Vessels about his session at the Americas Print Show in Columbus, Ohio, August 17–19. Dr. Chandrasekaran session will discuss how to create an environment for sales to grow and everyone thrive in their job. Watch Video

Canon and Tecnau Help A.B. Data Transition to Production Inkjet

In business for 40 years, A.B. Data produces direct mail and transactional statements, specializing in variable-data printing. Formerly relying on black-and-white toner-based digital printing, the company transitioned to production inkjet to improve its efficiency. See how partners Canon and Tecnau helped A.B. Data make its transition. Watch Video

Frank Looks at Dave Seat's US Linotype Tour

Master mechanic Dave Seat is one of the few specialists who keep Linotype and Ludlow type casters running. His recent visit to the Museum of Printing lasted three days, and was part of an extended tour where he will visit more than 20 locations in 11 states that still have this vintage equipment. Watch Video

Trish Witkowski Talks About Her New MarketWise Academy

Trish Witkowski talks to Kelley Holmes about a new partnership with Daniel Dejan and Vicki Strull called MarketWise Academy, a training program for businesses to learn about print and digital marketing—where each one works in the customer journey. The first fruit of this endeavor is a day-long in-person masterclass, with some hybrid in-person/virtual events in the works, as well. Watch Video

The Evolution of VITS International

Deirdre Ryder of VITS International talks to Kelley Holmes at the Amplify Print event. VITS International started as an inline finishing equipment company specializing in sheeters, and the company has evolved to produce a full range of finishing equipment, as well as customized bespoke solutions for customers. Watch Video

FSEA’s Jeff Petersen on the Amplify Print Event

Jeff Petersen, executive director of the Foil and Specialty Effects Association (FSEA), talks with Kelley Holmes about FSEA’s partnership with APTech that led to the Amplify Print event highlighting the latest trends and technologies in embellishments and other finishing effects. Watch Video

Kelly Mallozzi Previews Americas Print Show: Supercharging Your Sales Engine & The ABCs of Social Media

Kelly Mallozzi, Principal at Success.In.Print, speaks with WhatTheyThink's Eric Vessels about her sessions at Americas Print Show in Columbus, Ohio, August 17–19, in which she will talk about supercharging your sales engine and the ABCs of building and maintaining a social media presence. Watch Video

Sugar Print Helps Brands Design for Embellishments

Darren Kenning of Sugar Print talks to Kelley Holmes at the Amplify Print event. Founded three years ago, Sugar Print specializes in adding embellishments to printed materials, working with agencies and brand owners to design materials for embellishments. Watch Video

Rollem Changes with the Times

Doug Sherwood, National Sales Manager for Rollem, talks to Kelley Holmes at the Amplify Print event about how the 60+-year-old finishing equipment manufacturer has changed, evolved, and adapted over the years. Watch Video

Frank Ad Nauseam

Frank opines about how advertising is following eyeballs from print to digital media. Within a year, digital media will exceed print media in terms of advertising revenue. Magazines and newspapers are moving to digital subscribers to keep their advertising base, as Facebook and Google monopolize advertising. Watch Video

Trish Witkowski Reports on Amplify Print

Foldfactory’s Trish Witkowski talks about her impressions of last month’s Amplify Print event, including educational sessions, highlights from the show floor, conversations with show attendees and exhibitors, and many examples of how to take advantage of all the benefits of print. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Steven Roberts

This week, Warren talks to Steven Roberts, President of Elite Print Finishing, about the benefits of digital embellishments and “sexy print.” Watch Video

Ellen Manning on Cold Foiling

Eagle Systems' Ellen Manning talks to Kelley Holmes at last month's Amplify event about the company’s inline cold foiling equipment and its capabilities for adding "pizzazz and glitz" to labels and packaging. Watch Video

Graphco’s Chris Manley on the Amplify Event and Commit to Print World Tour

Graphco’s Chris Manley talks to Kelley Holmes about the company’s participation in the Amplify event in Minneapolis last month. On the RMGT side of Graphco’s business, customers do a lot of high-value embellishments on their presses using UV LED curing technology, and Graphco’s booth highlighted these applications. Watch Video

Frank Is on the Alert

Frank talks about clipping services and Google Alerts—two methods that are used to find information that appears in print or digital media. He shows the alerts that he receives to keep up with industry news. Watch Video

Harris & Bruno’s Chris Hogge on the Transition to Digital Finishing

Chris Hogge from Harris & Bruno talks to Kelley Homes at last week’s Amplify event about how, as printing has transitioned from offset to digital, finishing equipment—especially the coating equipment Harrison & Bruno manufactures—has had to make the transition as well. Watch Video

Packaging Challenges: How Is the Industry Responding?

RR Donnelley recently conducted a survey of of 300 U.S. professionals in the packaging industry, ranging from procurement, brand marketing and engineering decision makers. Entitled the Unpackaging Reality Report: The transformation of supply chain, sustainability, and online shopping, it highlighted how these professionals view the packaging market and what they are thinking about in terms of future actions to address the challenges they face. In this interview with Lisa Pruett, President, Packaging Solutions, Forms and Labels, Retail Solutions at RR Donnelley, she discusses the study results and what they say about the packaging industry, as well as explaining how RRD supports its customers in making more sustainable packaging decisions. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Mike Meshkati

This week, Warren talks with Mike Meshkati of Sinalite in Toronto, Ont. Sinalite is a family-owned, wholesale trade printer, founded 24 years ago, that produces commercial printing, signage, labels, and apparel printing and embroidery, and has recently gotten into corrugated. Basically, they offer everything except 3D printing. Watch Video

Duplo’s Rick Salinas on Cannabis Packaging Embellishment

Duplo’s Rick Salinas talks with Kelley Holmes at last week’s Amplify event about Duplo’s offerings for finishing and embellishment. Their solutions have proven especially popular for short-run packaging, particularly for the cannabis industry. Watch Video