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Fusion Systems Releases Publication Proofing System 3.1

Press release from the issuing company

September 11, 2008. Portland, OR -- Fusion Systems International today announced the release of version 3.1 of Publication Proofing System (PPS), a Web-based soft-proofing solution and workflow for newspapers, publishers, and publication printers of any size -- large, medium and small.

PPS 3.1 includes features to address the needs of small-, medium- and large-sized newspapers, publishers, and publication printers who publish multiple publications. Smaller publishers of one or several publications will continue to find PPS 3.1 of immense benefit as they move to streamline operations, improve performance to be able to take on new business, and cut costs.

Multiple Publications

Many publishers and newspapers produce more than one publication. PPS 3.1 addresses this need by aggregating publications into one easy-to-use Web-based interface.

Publication Viewability Rights

With Publication Viewability Rights, each publication can now be associated with one or more users. Only those publications that have been associated with a user can be viewed (or even known about) by that user. A publication that is associated with the 'public' user is viewable by any user. With Publication Viewability Rights set up properly, customers see and work with only the publications they need to.
Unlimited Section Handling

In previous versions of PPS, the number of sections that could be assigned to a publication was hard coded. With PPS 3.1, administrators can add and delete (as well as edit) sections as their needs require. PPS 3.1 accomplishes this using AJAX and some of the latest Web technologies known as Web 2.0.
Press-Accurate Proofing, Job Approval/Rejection Control, Improved File-Flow Automation, Integration with Popular Imposition Applications

Press-accurate proofing is at the heart of PPS since its inception, as well as the ability to email, delete, and print jobs. Advanced controls for automated post-RIP page-pairing and imposition, integration with popular imposition applications, job approval/rejection control, file-flow automation based on standardized publication naming conventions, workflow automation decoupled from the need for communications to an upfront publication planning system, and ease of use are other important features and strengths of this proofing solution.
Web-based Interface, Ease of Use

With a Web-based interface that is easy to navigate and operate, PPS provides to production personnel an immediate understanding of what stage in production a page or jobs are at (ripped, approved rejected, imposed/plated...). PPS puts oversight and control of ads and publication pages into the hands of production managers, designers and employees who need it most -- with access from within a corporate network, or from without it (with proper network security).
Core Component of Workflow ESP workflows

PPS is a core component of Fusion Systems International's Workflow ESP™ line of automated and semi-automated prepress workflow solutions. It is designed to work with any Harlequin-based RIP or workflow, including Fusion System International's own Workflow ESP workflows, automated prepress solutions, and the Fusion RIP.

Live Demonstrations Available

Fusion Systems International can give live demonstrations of PPS 3.1 -- as well as other of their latest Apple® Mac OS® X prepress workflow solutions -- by request. See their Website to request a demo.

With PPS 3.1, a full PDF workflow, rasterized PDF files are created directly from plate separations to give you a press-accurate DotLocked™ preview of exactly how your pages will print. It provides automated, post-RIP, page proofing in any web browser. Optimized for newspaper and publication environments, it provides a simple and organized way to soft proof and approve pages and ads exactly as they will print on the press. Customer service reps, sales people and (optionally) customers can view halftone press-accurate proofs as soon as a page is RIPped.