Astro-Dynamic Print & Graphic Services Celebrates Five Years of Utilizing Solar Power

Press release from the issuing company

Using the Sun has this Company’s Seal of Approval  

Warminster, Pa.For Astro-Dynamic Print & Graphic Services, every day is Earth Day. The company uses recycled paper, non-toxic vegetable-based inks, energy efficient equipment and it has been powered for the past five years by solar energy.

In March 2011, the company invested in 250 solar panels and hasn’t looked back. The panels generate 80 percent of Astro-Dynamic’s power. Still, moving to solar energy wasn’t as easy as buying some panels and putting them on the roof.  “It took a year of researching different suppliers before I was able to choose one,” said Darrel Dundore, President of Astro-Dynamic Print & Graphic Services.  “Still, I felt strongly that this was the right thing to do and I’m amazed that more businesses aren’t doing it.”

What makes solar energy a good choice for businesses like Astro-Dynamic, isn’t just the fact that it helps to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources. It also reduces carbon emissions by more than 1,315 million tonnes (MTe). That is equivalent to the CO2 removed by planting 280 acres of pine forests over the 25-year solar panel warranty period.  

Astro-Dynamic’s solar energy production is something their employees, clients and community can feel good about. “Most people don’t realize that print is also a renewable resource,” said Dundore. “By combining that with our solar powered facility, we have created an unbelievable green communications vehicle.”

Astro-Dynamic’s customers couldn’t agree more.  “Being environmentally conscious is part of the DNA for our brand,” said Ashley Benson, Marketing Manager at Steaz, The Healthy Beverage Company, an organic and natural beverage business headquartered in Doylestown, Pa. “We try to do our part to keep this planet healthy by supporting socially and environmentally responsible ingredient partners who grow in sustainable ways as well as vendors who are local and have the same commitment to being green that we do.” Benson continued, “Partnering with companies like Astro-Dynamic helps illustrate our strong commitment to the environment. So it just makes sense.”

As a leader in green advancements in the community, Astro?Dynamic is committed to helping others. “I want to help our community make changes that have a positive impact on our environment,” says Dundore. Business owners are approaching Astro-Dynamic to learn more about how to incorporate solar energy into their operations and Dundore welcomes them with an open door. “I’m glad I made the switch,” said Dundore.  “Not only does it make us unique among area printers, the solar panels will make a long-term positive impact on the environment.” For Astro-Dynamic and their loyal customers, that is “sun-sational!”


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